Thursday, April 28, 2005

Greatest Asset

Hello, well it has been sometime: So allow me to re-introduce myself; I'm Mic Leez, yeah that's me and this is what's been going on with me.

I am currently favoring doing some remake-remixes of songs that are out, so far on my list
  1. Bobby Valentino- Slow Down
  2. Usher- Get Right [UNRELEASED]
  3. Marques Houston- All Because of You
  4. Omarion- Touch

So you see I have been busy in thought.

Shoughts to the Wonder Twinz check them on Sirius Satelite Radio and their Magazine the Connextion is off the hok thanks, I was actually trying to do that same thing as far as Record stores.

Shouts to my futue Publicis, you know who you are, big up the Fort Knox Brooklyn, East New York stand up.

Happy Birthday Dad, he getting up there in age now...

Until we meet again, check out and those my people's pick up this month issue of The Ave Magazine and King cause Eva from Americas Next Top Model is on the Cover, I love her.

Monday, April 11, 2005

Long Time

Well the process is still going and last night I was suppose to do a DVD [Shouts to MO5 Entertainment] DVD in Stores Soon [Ike What Up Gifford Stand Up] but anyways I did not get on, my man's and them was on it, Shouts to Bad Influence What's Next Homies GH, N.I.C.E, Smack Down, oh yeah Twin held it down, to "My Hood" is on fire, and SB he did what SB do he needs his own reality show boy for real for real.

Anyways I think I got the cover done, I may have added a song or two, dropped one, but the entire list will be up real soon. Anyways, stay tuned if you check on this and if you don't you will soon.

Mic Lowrey [Shy Hold Ya Head, O waht up]