Monday, July 18, 2005

International Leez 2

Hello and Welcome

I have been in SHAOLIN for the past few days and it has been am incredible learning experience.

The reason I am here is because I am working a job, rappers have bills, especially the one's that has still not done what is needed to be done, [that was for me], you know, anyways, I am working with some students from Italy, France and Spain, I have bonded with the Italians and the French easy actually.

They eat a lot of pizza, they love the stuff, anyways, in the last few days I have been playing the tour guide, trying to learn some Italian and French, I learned a few dirty words, why do we always learn those first. Anyway you may ask what does this domestication has to do with an aspiring MC like Mic Leez, well, the French and Italian terms that I like, really like, has been turned into the "intro" to my album, "intro".

I wrote a spoken word intro because I love the way it sounds on Musiq, Jill Scott, and Carl Thomas, albums, it is cool and witty.

Got to go, holla at ya'll 2mar. or next week

Mic.Lowrey. "intro" Coming Soon

Thursday, July 14, 2005

New Thought

I am about to enter a new realm of possibilities. One that those not include the word "not" or "quit" it is the place were I will be spending the rest of my life-----New Thought.

I am not only focused on making every aspect of my life better, but for those around me, theirs will be for the better as well. I am not the man who is going to find the cure for anything, unless I go to Medical School, than Nobel Prize here I come. I am the guy who is going to give you the best E.P. you ever heard, or stole from a website on the internet.

Mic Lowrey "intro" coming real soon.

Shouts to all the people who will be responsible for helping me get this out to the world... coming real soon... Shouts to Italy...

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Nothing New


Welcome to this week's edition of the MIC Lowrey Blog: On this week's show we have information about nothing and music that sounds like nothing.

Ok Ok, it is the fourth of July, well it just passed, and I am still reeling from all the hot dogs and burgers, veggie that is, anyways, I am really making no progress with my music but I hope to change that this week.

I ran into my man Hoz and he ask me what am I doing with the music, many people asking me if I am still doing my thing, I feel like I am letting them down by not having anything for them to listen to. Well that is about to change and it will be pretty soon, I am making this promise to you all.....

Mic Lowrey "intro"

P.S. I can't believe I typed all of this without looking at the keys.....