Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Broke es Dude in the Room


Inspiration can come from anything, when you are an artist you can be inspired by the smallest of situations or the grandest of opportunities.

For instance last week , a day before my born day, NOV 23, I was at a arthritis foundation of NY benefit auction. Now, I barely have enough for the studio let alone an auction. I was only at the $500 a plate function as a show of support. The foundation was giving an award to Earl Monroe for Sportsman of the Year.

I was at a table with The President and COO of HIP yeah that HIP, it was so funny here was this struggling kid in the room with Millionaires, the auction was not even close in my price range, at first I thought I was like going to get something, they had a Tiffany Necklace and the bidding was at $150, not expensive, but this was the beginning of the night, by the time everyone ate dinner, the Lobster was great, that paged looked like a phone book list it was full.

My table was full of people from HIP from the VP of Marketing to the VP of Sales it was cool, and all around the room you had very rich powerful people coming together to raise money for a great cause, Arthritis, my grandmother has it so I know it needs all of the support we can give it.

To donate go to www.arthritis.com and you should be able to find some helpful links.

Mic Lowrey.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

The Grind is to be Told


Welcome people, today is a good day, I had a productive meeting yesterday with someone who told me what needed to be told to me, that I needed help and that I can't do it alone. And now I realized that. I am the artist as well as owner of the label that I am releasing my music through. As you cam imagine it is very hard wearing all hats so now I will start to let other help me out more.

I am a research nut, I spend hours looking for information and when I get it I am so happy and than it is time to look for more. I am reading a book right now about starting a record label and it is very good and thre author is just generous with resources and thingsof that nature the name of the book is "Start and Run your own record label" be Daylle Deanna Schwartz owner of Revenge Records. This book should be the beginning of your reading list if you are going to start a label, she breaks down everything from publishing to positioning your music.

With this in mind I have found some helpful numbers and websites that could be of good use and I plan to use them.

So I have officially pushed back to release of my single until further notice and I thik I am going to go to a Pro Tools School for some help on my production skills, I really need to, but I PROMOISE, that I will try to have something out befoe the end of the year, I really want to perform at a New Years Eve party so I am going to try to make a go of it.

Mic Lowrey "intro" eye STYLE music...

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Earl Monroe restaurant

The other night I went hob nobbing with some of NY finest talent. That be the business men and woman as well as a few former athletes and Hall of Famers to boot. In the house was a host of former Knicks players that played with Mr. Monroe as well as John Starks and Walt Clyde Frasier. Rep. Charles Rangel was in the place as well as other dignitaries and entertainers from the great City of Harlem and all of NY as well.

Monday, October 31, was the opening of the Earl Monroe restaurant. The event was organized by his wife Mrs Marita Monroe, and I have to say it was incredible. The reason I was there was that my significant other, is their niece. So as you can imagine sometimes I get invites and knowledge of things I would not have ever known but would more than likely read about in the paper.

A highlight of the night was speaking with Sir Shadow an artist that has been really blessing the scene for some time and happens to be a great person. His drawings could be found at www.sirshadow.com and believe me they are worth it. He has a book that is at the Hue Mann Bookstore next to the Magic Johnson theater in Harlem on 125th Street. He drew me a picture that was just out of this world and you may see it on a CD or something, this guy is amazing and I am just here to spread the word.

The restaurant is located on 145 right on Riverside in the park, which is great location. It has valet parking and the view of the water and the George Washington Bridge is astonishing.

All and all it was a great, I cant wait until it open and we can go there and get some food. And speaking of food, being that it was an opening we had to go to another place to eat. Which was Amy Ruth's on 116th Street in Harlem, wonderful, wonderful, wonderful, there greens are just great and the Mac and cheese, ummm.