Wednesday, December 28, 2005

The Gospel Accordig to Lowrey

Hay What Up

Hay people, this is very interesting, I was in Barnes and Noble the other day reading a book (why pay when you can go to a nearby huge store and read some books).

I came across a magazine for Gospel music and I asked the question how mny people know about this. The magazine is called XII and you can check it out at here is a positive mag for the urban community that I have never heard of, why is that?

Another question is are there any PODCAST for Malcolm X or Martin Luther King speechses.

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Monday, December 12, 2005

What Do You Roc

If the ROC is in the building say Hell Yeah, throw ya diamonds in the air. No I am not signed to Rocafella, {only wish} but I did attend a charitable community function that they held last night at Chelsea Piers AMF Bowling Alley. Did I mention it was freezing last night in NY, well it was, but the bowling was pretty cool?

My first couple of rolls was very suspect. My youngest and oldest {same person}, it was her first time bowling. And boy did it show, nah she was good, it took her a while but she finally got the hang of it. I played video games at the Bowling Alley as well, they need some new games they have the same games that were there a few years ago.

Either way, the food was good even though as a Diabetic I should not have been eating so much darn pizza, but the JETS did when so celebrating was definitely in order.

The highlight of the night was when our host of the evening announced that there would be a fashion show, performed by kids from the P.A.L., in QUEENS, wearing some of Rocawear’s next spring line. And I have to say these guys are really starting to impress me with their clothes. Before the only thing that I would wear of theirs was maybe a shirt. Now I have jeans and coats and hats and all types of things, I really love what they have been doing and I hope they keep up the good work.

Thanks to Rocawear for giving back to the community, with the Team Roc program for more details. Thanks to Aleesha Smalls the host for the evening putting on a wonderful show and thanks to AMF Chelsea Piers.

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Friday, December 09, 2005

What's Your {eye} STYLE

The quintessential elements of style can represent and actually broadcast the personality of the bearer. Many people advance their beliefs or culture through their style. One’s philosophy, station, and/or behavior are pigeonholed by style choices. If you disagree, consider the assumptions drawn about a person in a double-breasted suit and wing tips versus baggy jeans and white tee. Those diametrically opposed styles conjure up a radically different response from others; the former is assumed to be a distinguished professor, banker or businessman, while the latter might inspire instant disdain and dismissal as a thug. And on any given day, the same person might inhabit both outfits.
The conservatively attired person is automatically assigned certain attributes; intelligent, clean, dignified, professional and urbane. The casually dressed person—especially if pimped out in hip-hop-inspired gear—is also subject to being labeled: thug, drug dealer, threat, unsophisticated, criminal, most likely to be profiled, highly likely to catch a case. That’s not fair or right but it is exactly how folks think.
Wolf or sheep?
Visual clues can mislead or be misinterpreted. The kufi and kente cloth-wearing person might be deemed culturally aware and enlightened, but he may not know Malcolm Little from Stuart Little. The community activist—resplendently robed in causes—trumpets equitable treatment for the downtrodden but runs a terror dome at home. The Gucci, Rolex and Lexus may spell a-f-f-l-u-e-n-t or p-r-e-t-e-n-t-i-o-u-s, but more often than not it also spells b-i-l-l-s, national debt-sized ones.
What’s your style profile? Are you duping the latest fad, hoping to gain a persona envied by others? Are you on the leading edge of tastefulness or just leaning over the edge? Did you choose your persona or are you hoping your clothes, car and house will do that for you? Did you buy the person you are presenting to the world as your authentic self? If you did purchase your image, does the store accept returns? If so, you might want to hurry and get your money back.
Don’t follow the crowd, don’t appropriate a bankrupt style; you’re destined for greater heights than that. Concentrate your efforts on acquiring the inimitable accoutrements that defy fads, labels and time: a love supreme, healthy body and the wisdom of a sound mind. There is nothing more powerful than being comfortable in your own skin. Save the faux for fur. Peace. Think.

Munson Steed / Publisher of Rolling Out Magazine

Friday, December 02, 2005

I am a Diabetic

Hay there America, I am a diabetic, the other day I went to the tapping of the a show that comes on CNBC every Sunday at 7:00 pm called dLIFE. The show is about people living and thriving with diabetes. I found out I had Diabetes on August 12 this year, and boy was I sad.

To an extent I am still sad, I spend most days in the house and it really is effecting my music, I went to see this show that I learned about in September called dLIFE, the show is hosted by Mother Love, Comedian J. Anthony Brown, Ms. America 99 Nicole Johnson Baker and Actor Jim Turner.

I watched the show and it inspired me somewhat, to know that there is people living with Diabetes in America and are still thriving and doing what it is that makes them happy. When I went to the tapping of the show, it was the sports show and it featured some sport stars living with Diabetes. Kendrell Simmons a linemen for the Pittsburgh Steelers, A pitcher from the Detroit Tigers and a long distance runner that runs for over 50 miles during her long distance runs.

The main thing learned from listening to these people's stories is that even though life has dealt us a blow and that we must change the way we eat, sleep and excercise. Living with Diabetes is hard but when you have it, you use control it. I got a button that says test don't guess. If I here make it to the point that I am highly visible the world will know to test and not guess, because the most important part of a diabetic life is living.

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