Monday, May 05, 2008


Like FLav said, it has been a really long time since I posted anything on this page, so I will begin by saying that I have not completed my album, as you can, with the lack of Grammies and all. But I have been busy. Update, I have started work on a few projects, "intro" is coming soon, I am getting the lawyers ready for after I get sued, but that is okay I cannot wait for my first stop order that will be cool, I have all the publishing information, and by doing so I found out that most are organized by the same people, it may say different names but they are mostly at the same address, which is cool, it makes my job easier.

Now the first joint "intro" will have special appearance by John Mayer, Anthony Hamilton, Lenny Kravitz, Jaheim, N.E.R.D, with a Special Hook by Hov (Jay Z) for the uninitiated.

The follow up joint was going to be "The Gucci Selections" still may be, but I am experimenting with a new way of doing music, not really rhyme patters but the way in which they are pushed, which truthfully is my way of making a name or sound, I have coming down the pipe, Spit Vol. 1: A Retrospective and Spit Vol. 2: The Cognitive Art, the first volume will be made with things you know, just in a new way, remake, not sample, cost less, and I hope it gets people wanting to know more about the artist I choose for that one, and I will be selling the hell out of some ring tones and promptly being told not to and than I continue on and get the artist to do shows with me, I have my titles for my official releases, now whether that is with Koch or some major will depend on how the people see the music, I might even start my campaign as the next ambassador of Hip Hop with a slogan, Year of The Gentlemen I know it is Neyo's new album name but I can co op it, I don't think he will mind as much

Until next time, Mic Lowrey "intro" coming soon followed by a bunch of stuff