Wednesday, December 28, 2005

The Gospel Accordig to Lowrey

Hay What Up

Hay people, this is very interesting, I was in Barnes and Noble the other day reading a book (why pay when you can go to a nearby huge store and read some books).

I came across a magazine for Gospel music and I asked the question how mny people know about this. The magazine is called XII and you can check it out at here is a positive mag for the urban community that I have never heard of, why is that?

Another question is are there any PODCAST for Malcolm X or Martin Luther King speechses.

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Monday, December 12, 2005

What Do You Roc

If the ROC is in the building say Hell Yeah, throw ya diamonds in the air. No I am not signed to Rocafella, {only wish} but I did attend a charitable community function that they held last night at Chelsea Piers AMF Bowling Alley. Did I mention it was freezing last night in NY, well it was, but the bowling was pretty cool?

My first couple of rolls was very suspect. My youngest and oldest {same person}, it was her first time bowling. And boy did it show, nah she was good, it took her a while but she finally got the hang of it. I played video games at the Bowling Alley as well, they need some new games they have the same games that were there a few years ago.

Either way, the food was good even though as a Diabetic I should not have been eating so much darn pizza, but the JETS did when so celebrating was definitely in order.

The highlight of the night was when our host of the evening announced that there would be a fashion show, performed by kids from the P.A.L., in QUEENS, wearing some of Rocawear’s next spring line. And I have to say these guys are really starting to impress me with their clothes. Before the only thing that I would wear of theirs was maybe a shirt. Now I have jeans and coats and hats and all types of things, I really love what they have been doing and I hope they keep up the good work.

Thanks to Rocawear for giving back to the community, with the Team Roc program for more details. Thanks to Aleesha Smalls the host for the evening putting on a wonderful show and thanks to AMF Chelsea Piers.

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Friday, December 09, 2005

What's Your {eye} STYLE

The quintessential elements of style can represent and actually broadcast the personality of the bearer. Many people advance their beliefs or culture through their style. One’s philosophy, station, and/or behavior are pigeonholed by style choices. If you disagree, consider the assumptions drawn about a person in a double-breasted suit and wing tips versus baggy jeans and white tee. Those diametrically opposed styles conjure up a radically different response from others; the former is assumed to be a distinguished professor, banker or businessman, while the latter might inspire instant disdain and dismissal as a thug. And on any given day, the same person might inhabit both outfits.
The conservatively attired person is automatically assigned certain attributes; intelligent, clean, dignified, professional and urbane. The casually dressed person—especially if pimped out in hip-hop-inspired gear—is also subject to being labeled: thug, drug dealer, threat, unsophisticated, criminal, most likely to be profiled, highly likely to catch a case. That’s not fair or right but it is exactly how folks think.
Wolf or sheep?
Visual clues can mislead or be misinterpreted. The kufi and kente cloth-wearing person might be deemed culturally aware and enlightened, but he may not know Malcolm Little from Stuart Little. The community activist—resplendently robed in causes—trumpets equitable treatment for the downtrodden but runs a terror dome at home. The Gucci, Rolex and Lexus may spell a-f-f-l-u-e-n-t or p-r-e-t-e-n-t-i-o-u-s, but more often than not it also spells b-i-l-l-s, national debt-sized ones.
What’s your style profile? Are you duping the latest fad, hoping to gain a persona envied by others? Are you on the leading edge of tastefulness or just leaning over the edge? Did you choose your persona or are you hoping your clothes, car and house will do that for you? Did you buy the person you are presenting to the world as your authentic self? If you did purchase your image, does the store accept returns? If so, you might want to hurry and get your money back.
Don’t follow the crowd, don’t appropriate a bankrupt style; you’re destined for greater heights than that. Concentrate your efforts on acquiring the inimitable accoutrements that defy fads, labels and time: a love supreme, healthy body and the wisdom of a sound mind. There is nothing more powerful than being comfortable in your own skin. Save the faux for fur. Peace. Think.

Munson Steed / Publisher of Rolling Out Magazine

Friday, December 02, 2005

I am a Diabetic

Hay there America, I am a diabetic, the other day I went to the tapping of the a show that comes on CNBC every Sunday at 7:00 pm called dLIFE. The show is about people living and thriving with diabetes. I found out I had Diabetes on August 12 this year, and boy was I sad.

To an extent I am still sad, I spend most days in the house and it really is effecting my music, I went to see this show that I learned about in September called dLIFE, the show is hosted by Mother Love, Comedian J. Anthony Brown, Ms. America 99 Nicole Johnson Baker and Actor Jim Turner.

I watched the show and it inspired me somewhat, to know that there is people living with Diabetes in America and are still thriving and doing what it is that makes them happy. When I went to the tapping of the show, it was the sports show and it featured some sport stars living with Diabetes. Kendrell Simmons a linemen for the Pittsburgh Steelers, A pitcher from the Detroit Tigers and a long distance runner that runs for over 50 miles during her long distance runs.

The main thing learned from listening to these people's stories is that even though life has dealt us a blow and that we must change the way we eat, sleep and excercise. Living with Diabetes is hard but when you have it, you use control it. I got a button that says test don't guess. If I here make it to the point that I am highly visible the world will know to test and not guess, because the most important part of a diabetic life is living.

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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Broke es Dude in the Room


Inspiration can come from anything, when you are an artist you can be inspired by the smallest of situations or the grandest of opportunities.

For instance last week , a day before my born day, NOV 23, I was at a arthritis foundation of NY benefit auction. Now, I barely have enough for the studio let alone an auction. I was only at the $500 a plate function as a show of support. The foundation was giving an award to Earl Monroe for Sportsman of the Year.

I was at a table with The President and COO of HIP yeah that HIP, it was so funny here was this struggling kid in the room with Millionaires, the auction was not even close in my price range, at first I thought I was like going to get something, they had a Tiffany Necklace and the bidding was at $150, not expensive, but this was the beginning of the night, by the time everyone ate dinner, the Lobster was great, that paged looked like a phone book list it was full.

My table was full of people from HIP from the VP of Marketing to the VP of Sales it was cool, and all around the room you had very rich powerful people coming together to raise money for a great cause, Arthritis, my grandmother has it so I know it needs all of the support we can give it.

To donate go to and you should be able to find some helpful links.

Mic Lowrey.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

The Grind is to be Told


Welcome people, today is a good day, I had a productive meeting yesterday with someone who told me what needed to be told to me, that I needed help and that I can't do it alone. And now I realized that. I am the artist as well as owner of the label that I am releasing my music through. As you cam imagine it is very hard wearing all hats so now I will start to let other help me out more.

I am a research nut, I spend hours looking for information and when I get it I am so happy and than it is time to look for more. I am reading a book right now about starting a record label and it is very good and thre author is just generous with resources and thingsof that nature the name of the book is "Start and Run your own record label" be Daylle Deanna Schwartz owner of Revenge Records. This book should be the beginning of your reading list if you are going to start a label, she breaks down everything from publishing to positioning your music.

With this in mind I have found some helpful numbers and websites that could be of good use and I plan to use them.

So I have officially pushed back to release of my single until further notice and I thik I am going to go to a Pro Tools School for some help on my production skills, I really need to, but I PROMOISE, that I will try to have something out befoe the end of the year, I really want to perform at a New Years Eve party so I am going to try to make a go of it.

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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Earl Monroe restaurant

The other night I went hob nobbing with some of NY finest talent. That be the business men and woman as well as a few former athletes and Hall of Famers to boot. In the house was a host of former Knicks players that played with Mr. Monroe as well as John Starks and Walt Clyde Frasier. Rep. Charles Rangel was in the place as well as other dignitaries and entertainers from the great City of Harlem and all of NY as well.

Monday, October 31, was the opening of the Earl Monroe restaurant. The event was organized by his wife Mrs Marita Monroe, and I have to say it was incredible. The reason I was there was that my significant other, is their niece. So as you can imagine sometimes I get invites and knowledge of things I would not have ever known but would more than likely read about in the paper.

A highlight of the night was speaking with Sir Shadow an artist that has been really blessing the scene for some time and happens to be a great person. His drawings could be found at and believe me they are worth it. He has a book that is at the Hue Mann Bookstore next to the Magic Johnson theater in Harlem on 125th Street. He drew me a picture that was just out of this world and you may see it on a CD or something, this guy is amazing and I am just here to spread the word.

The restaurant is located on 145 right on Riverside in the park, which is great location. It has valet parking and the view of the water and the George Washington Bridge is astonishing.

All and all it was a great, I cant wait until it open and we can go there and get some food. And speaking of food, being that it was an opening we had to go to another place to eat. Which was Amy Ruth's on 116th Street in Harlem, wonderful, wonderful, wonderful, there greens are just great and the Mac and cheese, ummm.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

The Movement Has Begun {Part 1}

Well, my movement of sitting on my behind and not making good on promise to make music by a certain day, the deadline was pushed back again from Oct 20 which was the other night.

The reason it went from 23 of November to the 20 of October was because I was going to lecture given by Kevin Liles former President of Def Jam current VP of Warner Music.

The talk was great, he gave out the email to the guy at Asylum Records, home of the Dip Set and Swisha House and other labels that Atlantic does not want to take that much of a chance on. Asylum is like the indie label of the fold. ( HE'S HOT

He spoke on his rules for Business which would be the same for any successful manager that has garnered world wide admiration for a company that has made 100's of Millions of dollars.

He has a Blog on AOL and it is one of those audio blogs where he post things and it is great, just go to AOL and type in Kevin Liles I did not copy the link as I have not used AOL in a very long time, my brother used it cause his Broadband was acting up.

Either way the lecture was great. I met some people there that could be helpful and making sure that "intro" goes to the place that it needs to be, which is to you guys.

Walter Randolph is an inspirational soul, he left college and basically slept on the street to become an intern at the best music house for hip hop, DEF JAM, now he will be rewarded cause Liles took Walter with him over at Warner and big things will happen for him.

Which brings me to a quick crossroad, Who Moved My Cheese by Spencer Johnson is a wonderful book that if read could change your perspective on things if you want it.

I think this kid personifies that spirit of change and has inspired me to keep going and all things are going to be great.

I also met a guy that was the driver for Liles but is now the Co-Owner for the Russell Simmons Music Group, I mean that is big, I have their contact information and I will be getting in touch real soon.

I left there and went downtown to the Underground side of things for the launch of the Connex List magazine published by the WonderTwinz This book is so good and a great read, it is just something that can help any musician whether they be urban or whatever.

OC performed as well, he is a great talent still, he first hit back in like 94-95 with Times Up, "you lack the minerals and vitamins" remember that joint. Yo he made me change the way I spit. For real I was not into getting thoughts across that was totally on the money. I wanted to make people either laugh or be scared. But than listening to this guy and CL Smooth and it was like yeah Hip Hop can be lyrically great. Cause you see with Rakim, I really could not see myself being like that guy, he is just too good. Kane made me think I could do it, but again, who could put words together like him. But with OC, QTip, CL & Pete I begin to say yeah I could do this, and I am still am.

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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

First Look

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Thanks E.A.R.S [Tonya]

I was at a conference last night for music and the explosion of Reggaeton [given by E.A.R.S.], to all the people that think this is a fad that will go away soon, realize that there are over 41 million Latinos in this country alone, you have them from everywhere and even though there traditions maybe different and they don't particular like each other [Puerto Ricans Dominicans] but they share one common bond and that is a language that other people dont speak.

Think about it, there are here in America this foreign land of big dreams and idea's and the teachers, government and neighbors speak differently, so how exciting is it to run into someone who speaks like you, it is great, that is why communities in Chinatown, to Indian Squares to Polish to Russian communities just come together, but what is different for the Latino standpoint is that even though the people are of different origins the language is the same.

So the Reggaeton and Spaninsh Hip Hop is not going anywhere and it will get bigger everytime someone from DR, PR, COSTA RICA, MEXICO, BELIZE, HONDURAS, NICARAGU, PANAMA, and the other 27 spanish speaking countries come to this country....Plus it is a youth thing...

The people on the Panel were Anthony Ramirez who was the manager for Daddy Yankee [11 $million contract from EMI-BIG], a guy from Soulantina, a company that get gigs and venues for artist, Rayroq Acosta President from Wu Tang Lation, Popi a big wig over at BMI Latino, the guy that gets you your checks, and two ladies from The Girls Entertainment [a promotion firm that is responsible for the image of our favorite artist we see] the panel the entire industry covered actually and than the Guru of Street Marketing BUDAH was also in the building and for the producers out there cnotact me he is willing to give up a Fruity Loop library of Reggaeton beats and I have his number so holla at me...

The second panel was More hip hop, you had a publisher from Sessac, Trevor, he spoke about believing in your passion and keeping your dream, he also talked about the importance of the copywrite and publishing, also on the Panel; the Star Maker of the year according to his peers, Bryan Leech from TVT records, he spoke about the Independent Hustle and how the majors are trying to get some of that hustle. Also on the Panel was the aforementioned Bonsu Thompson of XXL Magazine and a whole host of other publications that he works on, from King to XXL Soul [when is the next issue coming] he was the catalyst I like that guy he speaks well and his analysis is good off the cuff, DJ Absolut, this guy needs a Public Speaking class he gets nevous and studders in public cause on the radio he those not, he needs to formulate his thoughts a little better as well, I knew what he was saying but a lot of people were like Huh, next on the panel was the Brother Paul and Bow Legged Lew from Full Force, these guys stay relevant for producing for Britney Spears, Nysnc, Backstreet Boys and every other pop group you could think of, just think between them and Maurice Star why is not more Blacks feeling the Boy Band Pop stuff it is evident who is creating it. Last on the panel was the Czar himself Jimmy Henchmen, I was like damn, I remember Pac talkig about this dude and every body in NY hip hop giving up the LOVE to him, to the How Can I be Down music seminar in MIAMI, that was huge, he gave me the most inspiration because I know he has been through it and came out on top, so that was great.

The Spanish Panel gave more business insigt than the other panel, but both were incredibly important for me, and I think it will help me get to my goal of being a good artist which will lead to me helping to chnage the world for the better. Ciao

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Thursday, October 06, 2005

A New Is Approaching


I am not only a client I am also the President,of Eye Style Music, Mic Lowrey, yeah… "intro"

Well people today is a good day, first because the world of journalism is starting to realize that if a big enough astank is made change can happen. Bush will not be appointing his friend to be a Supreme Court Justice, trust, well in other news,I think I am about to unviel the next realm of T.V. enterprising.

The guy that created the Blair With Project, Dan Myrick has just started a television show on the net called “The Strand of Venice” and if you act now youcan atch the pilot episode for free. Than you can subsequently watch each additional 30 minute show for 99¢, imagine that, you can’t beat it, this in itself should start a revolution with television shows.

It was announced a few days ago that the big networks, CBS, FOX, ABC, NBC, WB, UPN would consider selling there shows on-demand, but the biggest hurdle is will people pay for something that is initially free, and what happes with commercials. The answer to both of those questions are yes, people will pay to watch tv, just like they pay an extra 4.95 a month for HBO when if you have HBO you already have twelve channels of it and the show that you want to watch anytime, will come on anytime. But people still pay for on-deman, me being one.

Now if an Internet channel is created for just the sole purpose is to show shows that some of the studios passed on than, that we are talking about is the changing of televsion right before our eyes.

I for one am trying my darnest to create this channel unless someone reads this and decide to do it first themselves [You Read It Here First]….

Charles Vincent, editor of Lifestyles

Tuesday, October 04, 2005


I am currently reading a god book by Kevin Liles {Former President Def Jam, current VICE President of Warner Music-(all of Warner)} it is called Make It Happen available at ( that is Barnes and Noble, I also am getting to love the old brick and mortar Barnes because I get to read books while paying $3.00 for tea, Starbucks is officially on my Evil Empire List that is a blog entry I am working on it will be great…

Either way, he is giving a class at the Learning Annex ( I was reading his book and he stated that he actually listens to the demo’s presented to him by eager artist {his assistant listen actually-What Up Walter} and since his class in NY is Oct 20, he will be in L.A. the Monday 10/17 before and San Francisco the Tuesday 10/18 so go see him.

And now it has actually made me move my deadline up to Oct 20 for when ‘Foot Fetish’ the first single off of “intro” will have to be completed. I am going to see “In Her Shoes” ( with Cameron Diaz, it may be the inspiration for my Video, who knows…

Mic Lowrey “intro” in stores soon eye style music

Monday, October 03, 2005

Deadline Approaching


I, Mic Lowrey, am saying right now that there is a deadline for when I am to have my first single in stores or posted online and I am giving myself until Nov 23, 05, to do it.

Hay is John Roberts {Chief Justice Supreme Court} Gay?, he looks it.

Bush needs to stop appointing people that have no clue on how to run the government to run the government.

Vote Independent!

Bloomberg is going to kill Ferrer in the polls on Election day.

Keyshia Cole is the sexiest and down right most talented performer in some time.

Common killed the Big Daddy Kane celebration, along with Black Thought [Solo Album-Premo beats-become legend] T.I. was good to, he really a star now. Eve and Missy was suppose to do the Salt & Pepa thing but Missy could not make it, she should have it would of been great, when is Kid and Play going to get there moment, is anybody going to build a building to place these greats in, or is VH1 just BS'n, Furious 5, Grandmaster Flash, that was brilliant, Fat Joe the respect for you just keeps growing, Salt n Pepa are incredible performers, EnVogue needs to go on tour together and stop playing, Boyz N Da Hood was an incredible movie someone needs to make the East Coast equivalent, 80's Harlem or Brooklyn or BX, Ice T is the GOD-FATHER of Gangsta Rap for real, Snoop looked good with it as well, that show was great, the BIGGIE TRIBUTE was nice, Puff should of performed though and Jadakiss and the Lox should of been out there along with Cam and Dip Set cause B.I.G meant alot to their careers and all of Bad Boy should been on that stage really.

If you have no clue what I am speaking about it is the show VH1 annually do to pay homage to Hip Hop VH1 Honors go to to download clips and the like...

Mic Lowrey "intro" in stores soon....

Monday, September 26, 2005

Cause Celeb


I am writing this blog [again the first one disappeared when I pressed the back button].

I recently went to a concert with a unique perspective, the only way to get a ticket was to volunteer for four hours in different community projects [Harlem, BX, BK etc], it was put together by Chris Robinson {the video director} and Boost Mobile {good phone company-it’s a pre-paid third party Nextel carrier}.

The show was very good it started with a DJ set from DJ AM {Nicole Ritchie fiancé}& Trevar Barker from Blink 182 and MTV’s ‘Meet the Barkers’, Paul Wall [#1 album in the country ‘The People’s Champ] {Special Guest Kanye West [New Album ‘Late Registration’ and GLC their song ‘Drive Slow’ appears on both Late and People’s Champ} started things off, than he was joined by Slim Thug to do their hit “Still Tippin” [Where was Mike Jones?] anyways things started real good for a hip hop show [only 45 minutes late].
Faith Evans came and did a short three song set [Album The First Lady], she really can sing, than Trevar Barker from Blink 182 and a street performer from NYC [he drums in Time Square-yeah him] they set the house blazing and was later joined by Fabolous, who went through a string of hits from his three albums [Street Dreams, Ghetto Fabolous and Real Talk] and various remixes, next came a surprise performance from the D Block a.k.a the Lox who performed very well and did songs from each solo project and nothing from the entire groups efforts ‘Money Power Respect & Were R The Streets’, Jadakiss tore it down with ‘Bye Your Side’ off Kiss of Death, than came Fat Joe [All Or Nothing] and the Terror Squad {Remy Ma, Tony Sunshine and an absent Armageddon & Prospect}Remy tore the house down [Album out soon ‘Something About Remy] and than Joe did his thing and they ended with a tribute to the one and only Big Pun.
The show with down I95 to Atlanta and Young Jeezy came out and was incredible not to mention almost half the house had on a Snow Man t-shirt outside on the line when I was coming in. He was incredible with songs from his, Thug Motivation 101, but he really got them going with ‘And than What?’ and ‘Soul Survivor’ I rally had to admit the crowd loved it they all was swaying back and forth to ‘And than What?’ doing the A-Town stomp that kid is a star.
Next and finally came T.I. and P$C click and they had a ball doing songs from T.I.’s Trap Muzik and Urban Legend as well as P$C debut album 25 to Life, they had a great time performing and the crowd had a great listening, T.I.P. closed the show with his two biggest hits, ‘Bring Em Out’ & ‘You Don’t Know Me’.

Overall the show was great and the message that if you give back you can get rewards is something that is needed to be installed in our youth today no matter who is telling them the message. More on that later….

Mic Lowrey “intro” coming soon

Thursday, September 15, 2005

This Love

Hay there Citizen's

Wow this is a crazy time to be an American. George Bush recently announced that he was responsible for the governmental f' up in the Gulf States. Wow, he actually took blame for someting, I bet the media use this to say that he in tocuh with the average American citizen. Yeah right, in touch would not to go on so many damn vacations, in tocuh would be to actually appointment people to positions where they can actually make a difference or at lest have some experience.

I kow what those this have to do with Hip Hop, everything. It is out of diversity that people are their more creative. So I aspect to hear some good music from Wayne [House Lost, Baby [House Lost], Juvienile [House Lost]. Oh FOX has a house it come on Tuesday's, LL was on the show, he is actually an OK actor. The teeth were horrible though. It is like hay if you go to jail you have to have messed up teeth.

Oh yeah This Love of mine, this week it is writing music inspired by the album Songs About Jane, Maroon 5, that great Blue Eyed Soul, somebody need to make a mixtape,

Blue Eyed Soul Vol 1 {You Heard It Here First}
  1. Lisa Stanfield

The list could go on for a while but you get the idea, now remember DJ's I want a nice mention on the mix cd and DVD component use the Dual Disc and put there Video's on there as well. eMail me if you think you can come up with the correct cover art and song titles and video's and you will win a prize [Me saying thank you].

Back to the music, look for Foot Fetish to be on look for the Mic Lowrey page.


Thursday, September 08, 2005

Fashion Cent$

Hello There people in Blogger land.

There are a lot of Blog sites coming out that help you put your stuff online, like Blubber, I truly think that Blogspot has a little comp there, I may do a second site there with my thoughts and stuff, I will post the link.

Either way this is my last opinion on this particular Blog, I want to add a Vlog to this site and a counter I wonder how I would do that, and than adding music, I want people to see the progress that I am not making doing my album.

Last night I was doing the Linear notes for my album, shot to all the record companies I will be hijacking for music since I attend to pay nothing for my samples or clear them since I will be selling independently and no one listens unless you get a hit, than you worry about royalties, until than Jack for beats my young friends.

Well I decided to have a bunch of things on my Dual Disc, Blue Ray technology CD/DVD hybrid. That is so cool to say, if anything you will be able to play my stuff on your PS3 {Can't Wait-for the XBox 360}

Anyways, ohh maybe I will add a computer game to my CD/DVD Blue Ray Dual Disc Set, damn that is a lot to say for now on I will say New CD and that will be all.

Oh yeah, Fashion, Jay Z is responsible for the upward stylings of the poe folks in the hood {Pharell dress like a damn skate board nerd-because he is a skateboard nerd} So Esquire ya Gay ass list was wrong, and not gay in the homosexual stance but in the B-Boy stance {Free Cassidy}. Hovito was the dude that said,"I don't wear a Jersey, I'm 30 Plus get me a fresh pair of Jeans {N Word} Button Up."

The stores went crazy weeks after ordering every button up shirt they could get there hands on. Galaxy even came out with Button Up's {For the un hood people, they make White T's/the big ones} Every one followed soon after, except Sean John it took them a while before they found out that Jersey's was not going to be happening, except Down South and Overseas, Down South is like over seas, they get things last, but the Internet is changing that.

Either way Jay-Z is the reason for all this Change Clothes syndrome going on in the Urban community not that damn NERD {That album was crazy-so was Snoop's} I love Pharrel though, I am jacking him for my EP (2 Songs). Andre Benjamin is another one that they all of a sudden said oh yeah is stylish, that fool was wearing Bee catcher uniforms and platinum blond wigs that ain't styling, that's Kay-razy.

Yo on a serious note, thanks for the people at customs for giving the people of New Orleans bootleg clothes taken from NY stores, so that they may have something to wear. Shout to the Looters who where stealing shoes and boots instead of water. What in the hell are you going to do with a plasma {But if you selling it on ebay holla at me first}. Either way thank you America for your undying support and thank you to the media for not for once riding W Banger's nut sack and hitting them with hard questions. CNN, ABC News, Katie Couric, Matt Lauer Diane Sawyer, Oprah, what up. Ya'll my heroe's until ya'll mess up again.

Oh yeah I love the the Post but the article that made me think about Jay with fashion was the one in which they were saying that Rocawear, Sean John and Phat Farm were doing good because they changed their course for clothes, no they are doing good because there clothes are good, simple. They said the urban lines had lost their flare because Snoop, Shady and Vokal were doing bad, that is because their clothes sucked and it was based on people liking Nelly Snoop or Em and wont very good business plans. Vokal ladies Apple Bottoms are doing good, thank you Nelly for the Ads, the best in the business.

Speaking of Ads, did you see the new Gossip mag that has the talking ad when you get to the page that is ingenious and it will be annoying for years to come. Thanks to the Ad agency that did that, imagine The Source with non-stop Benzino songs on every page. Or better yet people that put their album ads in there can put samples of their songs with the ad when you get to the page {You Heard It Here First} I am totally stealing that from MTV.

Well until my next music inspired Post Holla at me, I need a damn GUESTBOOK...

Monday, August 29, 2005

Are You Hip Hop

Here is a Question?

What is that first of all. Is it that you call woman out of their name or is the fact that you was once in jail. Those that make you hip hop or ignorant. Kanye West is the cover of Time Magazine, do you know how I felt when I saw this dude who makes music for real be on the cover of one the most prestigious magazine's ever. [There timeline of hip hop connections was all messed up] But hay at least they are trying.

What does this say about the Source or Vibe or XXL that it took Time to give this man a cover with a story that is of relevance.

I know we don't want to hear about him not being a thug or anything like that, but 2pac didn't get in trouble with the law until after he was making music. So for the President Carter [Jay Z] to make an ignorant ass statement like, I didn't think a non street cat can make it in the biz. Is just down right dumb, I could of swore he was smarter than that.

Last night MTV awards was crazy. The hip hop portion easily out did anything else. [Snoop was not the best dressed, Kanye was] Gwen with the animal print looked like a house wife from Jersey, that was not styling. Anyways the MTV looks pretty amazing. I wish BET make it possibly to do their awards anyway you want. MTV should release in the archive the past awards and see who comes up with the best all Hip Hop MTV awards and Rock and Pop, it easy and they would not have to do much except air it.

Can that count as a [You Heard It First] it should. Where was Cam'Ron and the Diplomats, they people should of had them on their giving away an award or at least introducing somebody, shew Eric Roberts was on their introducing R. Kelly and how dope was Trapped 3.5 that was hot.

I think I am going to do a rap album like that but only difference I will use my whole crew, hot got a beat for me. hit the email up.

Oh yeah if you like the side picture go to for the shirt it is like $15 dollars.

Peace in Love Mic Lowrey "intro" look out for my Mash project to and my new hip hop Ridum album, a Ridum is when you use one beat to make a bunch of songs, a la, the Reggae artist. [You Heard It Here First]

Thursday, August 25, 2005

I'm Back

What up!

Well how is the world today, I have been having a long and strange summer this year. Helping America with International affairs and bringing hip hop to the world.

Shots to John John and everybody in Germany, shots to Paul and Antwoine, Piere all five of ya'll and everyone in France. Big up to Sandrine and Ornelia in Morroco. Big up to Francesco, Nancy, Anna and everybody in Italy. Shots to Spain and Bulgaria as well. Hip hop lives internationally and I will bring it to the masses of the world, one song at a time. But truthfuly they love that damn dance music [maybe I will make an album of that as well].

Now as for my American dreams, I am here to say that even though I am a little sick, well truth is my entire lifestyle has to change, I am still going to make this Fall and Winter: LOWREY Season.

MIC LOWREY "intro" still on the way.....eye style music baby........

Monday, July 18, 2005

International Leez 2

Hello and Welcome

I have been in SHAOLIN for the past few days and it has been am incredible learning experience.

The reason I am here is because I am working a job, rappers have bills, especially the one's that has still not done what is needed to be done, [that was for me], you know, anyways, I am working with some students from Italy, France and Spain, I have bonded with the Italians and the French easy actually.

They eat a lot of pizza, they love the stuff, anyways, in the last few days I have been playing the tour guide, trying to learn some Italian and French, I learned a few dirty words, why do we always learn those first. Anyway you may ask what does this domestication has to do with an aspiring MC like Mic Leez, well, the French and Italian terms that I like, really like, has been turned into the "intro" to my album, "intro".

I wrote a spoken word intro because I love the way it sounds on Musiq, Jill Scott, and Carl Thomas, albums, it is cool and witty.

Got to go, holla at ya'll 2mar. or next week

Mic.Lowrey. "intro" Coming Soon

Thursday, July 14, 2005

New Thought

I am about to enter a new realm of possibilities. One that those not include the word "not" or "quit" it is the place were I will be spending the rest of my life-----New Thought.

I am not only focused on making every aspect of my life better, but for those around me, theirs will be for the better as well. I am not the man who is going to find the cure for anything, unless I go to Medical School, than Nobel Prize here I come. I am the guy who is going to give you the best E.P. you ever heard, or stole from a website on the internet.

Mic Lowrey "intro" coming real soon.

Shouts to all the people who will be responsible for helping me get this out to the world... coming real soon... Shouts to Italy...

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Nothing New


Welcome to this week's edition of the MIC Lowrey Blog: On this week's show we have information about nothing and music that sounds like nothing.

Ok Ok, it is the fourth of July, well it just passed, and I am still reeling from all the hot dogs and burgers, veggie that is, anyways, I am really making no progress with my music but I hope to change that this week.

I ran into my man Hoz and he ask me what am I doing with the music, many people asking me if I am still doing my thing, I feel like I am letting them down by not having anything for them to listen to. Well that is about to change and it will be pretty soon, I am making this promise to you all.....

Mic Lowrey "intro"

P.S. I can't believe I typed all of this without looking at the keys.....

Friday, June 24, 2005

M. dot be him, the rest be them

What Up

This is therealest thing I ever wrote, needed to quote 2Pac on this one.

There are websites that has been helpingme accomplish thethings that I need to and I have to give love to the software engineers and programmers out there who keep this thing of ours alive. Today in the NY Daily News they mentioned that geeks are better lovers, B.S. , or maybe not,if you a lady rading hook up with one than holla at me.

Check out this website it is for the MC to post there music if they want too.

I need a new computer cause this one ain't right.

I also just started the Lowrey Lounge, it is the premeire place to be for the nice and easy things to do on the web and out on the town, so check it out.

Mic Lowrey "intro" Seven Songs of nothing but fire coming real soonlook on the Whos Next website for more info, I'll holla later...

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Keeping the Dream ALIVE

Hay there, readers.

I wonder if anyone actually read this, and if you do than bless your heart and may all your wishes come true.

Anyways, today, I am determined to actually work out, I got on the sneakers and everything. My man [cousin actually] has just finish working on his studio and it is up and running, now if only I can get some time to make music. I am in a reality overload right now.

I am creating more music than I know what to do with it, but I have to get to lay it down. I am becoming like the independent music man with all my research and stuff, but it is a good thing cause this dream is bigger than me, it is for all the people who wish they could have accomplished something in there life, but life got in the way, from being Drug Addicts to being in prison, having families early and hopelessness. This is for you.

I live through you guys, this is for my Mother who gave up her promising career with promoting to raise a bunch of kids, she actually had no choice, this is for all my cousins who knew they could spit but ended up on the block and now wont leave. This is for the dude who said, I ain't rappin I'm clappin and doing a gang of time. This is for my projects, D-Block, Nu Houses and Hoboken. This is for my Daughter and God kids, nieces and nephews, cousins and aunt/unlces. This is for the future employees of my dream. This is for you reading.

Thanks I needed to say something to keep this thing going..... Inspiration comes from within...

Friday, June 03, 2005


Today I was inspired to work out, well I was in the park talkingonthe phone and with the incredible view of the city I decided to start walking. While walking I was listening to the latest and newest HOT 97 mix tape and I just kept walking around the park until the playlist was finish. I was listening to my iPod and I came across a song by Kanye West [Diamonds Are Forever] (Question how come on the website the title says Diamonds from Sierre Leone.

You know a CD that is a must for any and every hip hop fan is the new Common CD I mean it dont get no better than this right now. The only thing I am waiting for now is Styles P I know his jointis going to be crazy.

I just completed the Power Point Presentation for my album, I will be publishing it to the web soon.


Thursday, May 26, 2005

Doing Me

I am doing my laundry right now, I am a very good procrastinator, that is how you spell it correctly. I am not doing well with my album, EP, but I will do better, I promise that I will do better.

Omarion get well soon player, he has had surgery on his throat, oh yeah, I am working on my Lowrey Mash [Mash of different music] and I am really feeling Maroon 5 right now, so I am going to do their stuff, I have my Sunday Morning, This Love, and the latest joint they have with the older lady in the video.

Oh yeah I was inspired by a website that I saw, I swear it don't make no sense but Damn lady, My Song Wonderland has a muse, well another muse.

Alright I am signing off and hopefully all is well in the world of milk and honey.

Mic Lowrey "intro"

Thursday, May 19, 2005

Today's Agenda

Go to Room 112 tell them Lowrey Sent Ya.

Hay what up, I have been on the Net all day and now I am about to sign off but I decided to post some things for you,
  • Murder Dog Magazine is the truth, every time they come out with an issue
  • The Connex Magazine by the WONDER TWINZ is officially the Revolution
  • check it out
  • has been good to me

And now I will get back to finishing my debut "intro" I wrote a song today "Blocker" it is a nice joint about people that c-blocking when you are trying to get with a young lady. It has a very familiar tone to it, but I think you will love it. Every Song is almost done, now we just have to record the darn things, I know I need to step it up, but I am sleepy, just kidding, I need to find an engineer like Jay Z got with that kid Young Guru, I am about to send someone to IAR for real for real....

Duncan Projects stand up, Holla at me.

Money Money Money

I just Read this book by Rich Gilmore

It is titled "Money Laws of The Baller Shot Caller"

Money Laws
  • Be Money
  • See Money
  • Give Money
  • Expect Money
  • Associate with Money


  1. Begin to read articles and books on the ballers you admire
  2. Write down your goals, with a plan of action, and just do it
  3. Create a photo album or scrap book of all the material things you want to own. And than look at it daily
  4. Ask those that are where you want to be for advice and assistance, whenever it's possible
  5. Communicate with your source of Abundance [Omnipresent] and recognize that source in all of your ways.

Check out the book for more details,

Monday, May 16, 2005

International Leez

Hay what up, now I am in the full swing of the 'get to know Lowrey" campaign, first I am starting this on an International tip. Here are some fo the stops
  1. Torino, Italy
  2. Fredericton, Canada
  3. Croatia
  4. Karlsruhe, Germany
  5. United Kingdom
  6. Waterloo, Ontario
  7. Capetown, South Africa
  8. Slovenija
  9. Ottawa, Canada
  10. Toronto, Canada
  11. Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
  12. Tokya, Japan

Shouts to all these palce because this is my target for the first live interview for Mr. Mic Lowrey and I hope that it is no hassel with the langauge and things.

I was told to speak it and it shall be, so I have spoken and one other thing, my album will be a classic "intro" coming soon

Thursday, April 28, 2005

Greatest Asset

Hello, well it has been sometime: So allow me to re-introduce myself; I'm Mic Leez, yeah that's me and this is what's been going on with me.

I am currently favoring doing some remake-remixes of songs that are out, so far on my list
  1. Bobby Valentino- Slow Down
  2. Usher- Get Right [UNRELEASED]
  3. Marques Houston- All Because of You
  4. Omarion- Touch

So you see I have been busy in thought.

Shoughts to the Wonder Twinz check them on Sirius Satelite Radio and their Magazine the Connextion is off the hok thanks, I was actually trying to do that same thing as far as Record stores.

Shouts to my futue Publicis, you know who you are, big up the Fort Knox Brooklyn, East New York stand up.

Happy Birthday Dad, he getting up there in age now...

Until we meet again, check out and those my people's pick up this month issue of The Ave Magazine and King cause Eva from Americas Next Top Model is on the Cover, I love her.

Monday, April 11, 2005

Long Time

Well the process is still going and last night I was suppose to do a DVD [Shouts to MO5 Entertainment] DVD in Stores Soon [Ike What Up Gifford Stand Up] but anyways I did not get on, my man's and them was on it, Shouts to Bad Influence What's Next Homies GH, N.I.C.E, Smack Down, oh yeah Twin held it down, to "My Hood" is on fire, and SB he did what SB do he needs his own reality show boy for real for real.

Anyways I think I got the cover done, I may have added a song or two, dropped one, but the entire list will be up real soon. Anyways, stay tuned if you check on this and if you don't you will soon.

Mic Lowrey [Shy Hold Ya Head, O waht up]

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

What I Been Up To

Okay it has been a few days since my last post so let me explain the long absence. First there will not be another long absence like this because I have installed the phone a blog option; which is going to be great, I am also trying to learn how to put an MP3 on my site and unlimited pics as well.

The MP3 will be of new music that I have recorded and the inspiration for that music. The pics will be based on my inspiration as well.

FRIDAY: I went to an industry type thing at the Time Hotel; owned by that Turban rocking former Model who owns that Hotel and Joe’s Pub and other places around time. The Time place had an incredible décor. Ed Lover from Power 105.1 FM here in NY was the host.

The promoters of the party are good friends of mind, shouts to 2K Entertainment, Key, Kendall and the whole entire crew, shouts to Rich Kid Entertainment, Rich what Up, “Good to Be A Rich Kid” in stores now {Push, Fat Boi, Spit Sincere, Buddah Bride, Young Nova}

I met a Publicist there and all that so she should be hepful.

I lost my phone and have yet to get it back and it has been a very big headache, for real, for real.

Oh Yeah here is a site where I am going to be sending my songs to be used as Ring Tones, so now you can get your favorite Mic Lowrey song as a Ring Tone

Thursday, February 03, 2005

Mic Lowrey: The Making of "intro"

This is the First entry in the blog of Mic Lowrey and the making of his Historic Album "intro"

What Inspired Me [Today]

The roads that we traverse as we plot the course of our lives go in many directions. Every detour that we take is like facing a major snowstorm—it could stop us for a while, but most of the time, it’s not a permanent delay. We must understand our role in sculpting our lives. The choices that we make determine the surface of the road we travel. As we make hasty decisions without giving a thought to the consequences, we omit valuable material which would make the journey a little less rocky.

You are the architect, contractor and builder of your life. If things aren’t going as planned, it might be time to redraw the blueprint. Or follow the blueprint. Even the most brilliant strategist can’t redeem slipshod execution or faulty workmanship. If you find a misplaced brick in your path, odds are that you placed it there, so stop moaning your fate and move it or mortar it, but do something. Each day presents a new opportunity to get mired in muck or marshal your talents, which you choose adds either a pothole or another layer of asphalt.

It’s nice to have traveling companions; they help us ward off the monotony of the road. But some of the people we have in tow don’t add a thing to the journey except hazards; in that case it’s better to travel solo than to risk ruin. If you’re operating on auto-pilot and have a feeling of déjà vu, you may be traveling a hamster route; circuitous lanes that lead back to where you started. Some folks are just along for the ride; they don’t want to drive, don’t care where you are going and definitely can’t help you get there; carefully extend your arm and press the eject button.

There are very few momentous events in our lives. Most of our actual living occurs between where we are and where we think we want to be. So, while you’re paving your next trail, take the time to relish the process. We can’t avoid detours and storms, but we can savor every possible step along the way despite trials. Don’t be afraid to consult a map if you lose your way. We should be encouraged by the journeys of those who came before us, for they had few resources, yet they still prevailed in their quests. The road is not easy. There are traffic jams in everyone’s life. But remember, each day you choose a road based on your own design. If you want something special to happen, you must select the right road. Peace.

Munson Steed
This is a Blog about the struggle and hardship; as well as the inspiration for the creatiopn of my Debut Album: "intro"

I will take you through this very emotional and spiritual journay, from the writings, [actualy notebook clippings] to the inspirations [pic of things or people that have inspired the song], this is an all access ride.

Producation credit and everything goes here; the engineers that I used; the back up singers; the jack moves [industry speak for using other's work]; everything goes here.

Whenever there is inspiration it reaches here.

Oh Yeah I will even speak on my nights out, who I met and other things of the nature while this album is being done.