Thursday, May 26, 2005

Doing Me

I am doing my laundry right now, I am a very good procrastinator, that is how you spell it correctly. I am not doing well with my album, EP, but I will do better, I promise that I will do better.

Omarion get well soon player, he has had surgery on his throat, oh yeah, I am working on my Lowrey Mash [Mash of different music] and I am really feeling Maroon 5 right now, so I am going to do their stuff, I have my Sunday Morning, This Love, and the latest joint they have with the older lady in the video.

Oh yeah I was inspired by a website that I saw, I swear it don't make no sense but Damn lady, My Song Wonderland has a muse, well another muse.

Alright I am signing off and hopefully all is well in the world of milk and honey.

Mic Lowrey "intro"

Thursday, May 19, 2005

Today's Agenda

Go to Room 112 tell them Lowrey Sent Ya.

Hay what up, I have been on the Net all day and now I am about to sign off but I decided to post some things for you,
  • Murder Dog Magazine is the truth, every time they come out with an issue
  • The Connex Magazine by the WONDER TWINZ is officially the Revolution
  • check it out
  • has been good to me

And now I will get back to finishing my debut "intro" I wrote a song today "Blocker" it is a nice joint about people that c-blocking when you are trying to get with a young lady. It has a very familiar tone to it, but I think you will love it. Every Song is almost done, now we just have to record the darn things, I know I need to step it up, but I am sleepy, just kidding, I need to find an engineer like Jay Z got with that kid Young Guru, I am about to send someone to IAR for real for real....

Duncan Projects stand up, Holla at me.

Money Money Money

I just Read this book by Rich Gilmore

It is titled "Money Laws of The Baller Shot Caller"

Money Laws
  • Be Money
  • See Money
  • Give Money
  • Expect Money
  • Associate with Money


  1. Begin to read articles and books on the ballers you admire
  2. Write down your goals, with a plan of action, and just do it
  3. Create a photo album or scrap book of all the material things you want to own. And than look at it daily
  4. Ask those that are where you want to be for advice and assistance, whenever it's possible
  5. Communicate with your source of Abundance [Omnipresent] and recognize that source in all of your ways.

Check out the book for more details,

Monday, May 16, 2005

International Leez

Hay what up, now I am in the full swing of the 'get to know Lowrey" campaign, first I am starting this on an International tip. Here are some fo the stops
  1. Torino, Italy
  2. Fredericton, Canada
  3. Croatia
  4. Karlsruhe, Germany
  5. United Kingdom
  6. Waterloo, Ontario
  7. Capetown, South Africa
  8. Slovenija
  9. Ottawa, Canada
  10. Toronto, Canada
  11. Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
  12. Tokya, Japan

Shouts to all these palce because this is my target for the first live interview for Mr. Mic Lowrey and I hope that it is no hassel with the langauge and things.

I was told to speak it and it shall be, so I have spoken and one other thing, my album will be a classic "intro" coming soon