Thursday, May 19, 2005

Today's Agenda

Go to Room 112 tell them Lowrey Sent Ya.

Hay what up, I have been on the Net all day and now I am about to sign off but I decided to post some things for you,
  • Murder Dog Magazine is the truth, every time they come out with an issue
  • The Connex Magazine by the WONDER TWINZ is officially the Revolution
  • check it out
  • has been good to me

And now I will get back to finishing my debut "intro" I wrote a song today "Blocker" it is a nice joint about people that c-blocking when you are trying to get with a young lady. It has a very familiar tone to it, but I think you will love it. Every Song is almost done, now we just have to record the darn things, I know I need to step it up, but I am sleepy, just kidding, I need to find an engineer like Jay Z got with that kid Young Guru, I am about to send someone to IAR for real for real....

Duncan Projects stand up, Holla at me.

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