Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Making 50 cents next movie a winner

Just my thoughts

50 need to step his movie game up, I thought Get Rich was a smash it only made 46M worldwide and it cost 40M to make, compared to Em who 8 Mile cost 36M and made 246M world wide now that is a blockbuster status, 50 need to step his game up with his distribution or something, Tupac Resurrection was in 804 theaters and made $7,718,961 not bad, that is like $9600, per theater, now with 50 infamy he should be able to clear better than that, the number 1 rap movie of all time is 8 Mile and the next far down the line is Malibu's Most Wanted with 34M with a 15M budget (I am surprised there is no part 2), so people what can 50 do to make his low budget movie, a big budget success.
First and foremost he must make sure everyone knows it is coming out, use the Soundtrack to get people excited about the movie, create a trailer with the music and make sure it is an incredible trailer. Give a sneak peak to blogs, a full first 5 minutes of the film to blogs. Give a full G Unit prize pack (with Sneakers, G Unit clothing, Album, and Soundtrack all available, plus a hotel stay and VIP tickets for the premiere and the after party in the city)for the premiere, make the premiere in Queens on Jamaica Ave invite tons of Hollywood people and have Access Hollywood, E, Entertainment Tonight, Insider, BET Black Carpet, all there covering the event.
Go on every show in America, even the less than desirable ones, 106, do a BET special, VH1 special, MTV special, E, ET, Access, Insider, Leno, Kimmel, Late Late Night, Carson, Connan, Chealsea Handler, everything, play up the movie, strike a deal with Magic, play up the story line of telling all sides of the coin, than tell everyone you will be doing a documentary to come on all of Viacom's channels or even My9 or ION, they need shows, about the release of the movie independently, or make a deal with Sundance or IFC, to release the documentary, have it about the making of the album, the press and the movie and the after math, go over numbers of the release, the effects of the music, positioning in stores, and let it be known you will b going to see the movie 20 times in 10 days while doing press and use the Demand widget to see which cities you will be going and have a press release and a radio interview letting people know you will be going to the movies in their town
Follow these rules and you will have make bread to bake up, if not and about two years no one will be wondering about ya cake up, career will be just regular and that would not be a good look....