Saturday, February 11, 2006

Every Good Superhero, Should Teach Something

Every Good Superhero should have some SWAG

And since I am in the creation process of making myself a superhero, I have developed some Swag, check it out at the button to the right or left depending on whcih country you happen to be in.

I have the eye STYLE shirt for my people who speak Italian for the big guys and little guys, and I also have a stamp, you should collect it. It is all available from the buton to the right.

Mic Lowrey "intro" coming soon

Oh yeah, i learned something about hacking your cell phone, to make calls from your house phone but using your cell phone night minutes 9most likely free) so this is my tip of the day.

Take your cell phone and dial *21* (NNN) NNN-NNNN# replace the N with the number and area code that you plan to dial, after doing this press send on your cell phone, than dial your cell phone number from your house phone and remember to press #21# so that other people who call your cell phone dont get connected to the number you dialed.

Now this could be good for drunk dialing for long distance relationships and instead of your cell phone it could be a pay phone, best part the called ID picks up the number you dialed from not the cell phone, there goes the end of long distance charges on your phone, I hope.....

All hail Kanye, Hova, John Legend and Mariah, next year Keyshia Cole gets like 5 nominations but she in the categories with Mary and Alicia and you know Alicia is going to win like two for Unbreakable and Mary is going to win for Be Without You, so maybe best new artist for you Keyshia but she have to get her profile up and not be so hood with it, Jeezy may take hip hop record next year though, either way, I'll Holla

Mic Lowrey "eye STYLE music"