Thursday, October 02, 2008

56 Days

Until Black Friday, and I would lie to have a few things done by that time, one, I would like to have some music done, I am forever working on the music, I got my hands on the Instrumentals from GHOSTFACE'S "IRONMAN", I am super gassed, I am going to throw that in the mix, I would like to have something done by Black Friday, I am working on my Christmas Album, A Very, Very, Hood Christmas, and I am excepting joints from people, but they have to be hot, and if you are stuck without an idea but know you can get it popping in the booth, I have plenty, so yeah I would be happy if I had that done for the new year, and the best part about Christmas songs, they are mostly all in Public Domain, which means you can sample from them all you want and not pay a dime in royalties, I am back to my blog now, I think;

My Projects I would like to get started on real soon

Iron Mic (Iron Man, completely redone)
Spit Volume 1: A Retrospective (hot classic beats, new amazing word play)
Spit Volume 2 The Cognitive Art (really on my back pack tip, Williamsburg here I come, No Skinny Jeans[instead of no homo])
Spit Volume 3 Sing It Than (all songs to be sung by me)
The Gucci Selections (here I am world, again)
Intro (7 songs of fire)