Thursday, May 25, 2006

XXL presents Hip Hop Soul

The cover has a picture of Ne-yo and Keyshia Cole on the cover: leaders of the new school. There is only one ad in the mag and it is provided by Remy Martin with an online campaign from the ads are not overbearing and actually let the magazine stand on its own. The cover says that MJB, Al B Sure, John Legend with New Edition, Kelis, and the Top 25 rap & r&b callabos of all time (number one is the most gangsta song sung and spit but to the ladies from the NY renaissance on the mic circa 94/95) there is also a photo tribute with legends of soul (the picture of MJ is incredible we will see that on shirts soon, especially

It starts with a bang on page 9 with a letter to D'Angelo (where ya at bro)
next page catches up with The Boys from "Dial my Heart" fame they all grown and was in Africa and made music over there under the name (read the mag) next they speak on artist and their philanthropy next page is getting at the dude that said he was in love with a stripper and a nice short on Chris Brown and his former career, and than there is rumors of the glove one recording with the incredible ‘thawk’ (dunn language) page 12 is telling r&b starlets business along with the aforementioned Al B Sure, next page is a funny cartoon of Def Jam and Atlantic switching artist like baseball next few pages have John Legend, Cheri Dennis, Avant, Lil Wayne and than some new cats, Governor, J Valentine (any relation to Bobby) Deemi, Megan Rochell (Def Jam is really looking like LaFace right now), Jermaine Paul

Than we get a nice sexy posing from Mrs the Monster (read the mag) and
interview (where the hell is her album) next pages is Lela James, Akon (JC)

Than there is that Top 25 some people will be mad others will say we deserve a better spot but Jagged Edge 'Where the Party At? Is not included that's beyond me page 44 got the cover girl Keyshia Cole with a little first lady breakdown on page 49 Ne•Yo gets going on 54 with the first bros yearly breakdown on page 60

Next is the ever so unbashful Mrs Jones (kelis-sidebar there is this photo book with pictures of Kelis like she was born, amazing, the tats are incredible when you see it full that girl is serious)

Page 68 has the boy band that made the blueprint for all others, that's right
ya favorite group ever (if you over 26) nice spread they talk about things that happened and what te future is like, I think everybody waiting for that book, no more Bad Boy (Puff wanted B2'Ole)

Speaking of B2K (where the hell are they-sidear never bite the hand that feeds you, especially when he ya cousin) Omarion turns up on page 74 than there is pictorial (buy the mag)

Page 90 has the Top 10 R&B albums of the year. In between there is stories on Bryan-Michael Cox, DJ S&S of uptown with his club joints and bedroom joints, yeah Jagged Edge Good Luck Charm is sick than there is the Vintage article with 112 album 112 Bad Boy 1996 (they on itunes now) there is an introduction of Mela Machinko out of BK she new probably on myspace and the exit photo belong to Nina Simone (I have yet to hear any of her music, I think I'm gonna loOk for some it might change my life you do the same) and far a great album of the year Top 10 Keyshia Cole album is sick (I can say that cause my lady don't play it cause she aint been through it) Holla till next time, XXL with Busta on the cover is next

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Magazine Reading

My new hobby will help you guys decide what mags to read on the urba front, I am going to be reviewing entire mags on myspace as well as blogger, myspace will be more visual and blogger will concentrate on the writting aspect and also get ready for my new venture Mogul whic is coming soon.

Urban Mag Reader

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