Thursday, October 27, 2005

The Movement Has Begun {Part 1}

Well, my movement of sitting on my behind and not making good on promise to make music by a certain day, the deadline was pushed back again from Oct 20 which was the other night.

The reason it went from 23 of November to the 20 of October was because I was going to lecture given by Kevin Liles former President of Def Jam current VP of Warner Music.

The talk was great, he gave out the email to the guy at Asylum Records, home of the Dip Set and Swisha House and other labels that Atlantic does not want to take that much of a chance on. Asylum is like the indie label of the fold. ( HE'S HOT

He spoke on his rules for Business which would be the same for any successful manager that has garnered world wide admiration for a company that has made 100's of Millions of dollars.

He has a Blog on AOL and it is one of those audio blogs where he post things and it is great, just go to AOL and type in Kevin Liles I did not copy the link as I have not used AOL in a very long time, my brother used it cause his Broadband was acting up.

Either way the lecture was great. I met some people there that could be helpful and making sure that "intro" goes to the place that it needs to be, which is to you guys.

Walter Randolph is an inspirational soul, he left college and basically slept on the street to become an intern at the best music house for hip hop, DEF JAM, now he will be rewarded cause Liles took Walter with him over at Warner and big things will happen for him.

Which brings me to a quick crossroad, Who Moved My Cheese by Spencer Johnson is a wonderful book that if read could change your perspective on things if you want it.

I think this kid personifies that spirit of change and has inspired me to keep going and all things are going to be great.

I also met a guy that was the driver for Liles but is now the Co-Owner for the Russell Simmons Music Group, I mean that is big, I have their contact information and I will be getting in touch real soon.

I left there and went downtown to the Underground side of things for the launch of the Connex List magazine published by the WonderTwinz This book is so good and a great read, it is just something that can help any musician whether they be urban or whatever.

OC performed as well, he is a great talent still, he first hit back in like 94-95 with Times Up, "you lack the minerals and vitamins" remember that joint. Yo he made me change the way I spit. For real I was not into getting thoughts across that was totally on the money. I wanted to make people either laugh or be scared. But than listening to this guy and CL Smooth and it was like yeah Hip Hop can be lyrically great. Cause you see with Rakim, I really could not see myself being like that guy, he is just too good. Kane made me think I could do it, but again, who could put words together like him. But with OC, QTip, CL & Pete I begin to say yeah I could do this, and I am still am.

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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

First Look

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Thanks E.A.R.S [Tonya]

I was at a conference last night for music and the explosion of Reggaeton [given by E.A.R.S.], to all the people that think this is a fad that will go away soon, realize that there are over 41 million Latinos in this country alone, you have them from everywhere and even though there traditions maybe different and they don't particular like each other [Puerto Ricans Dominicans] but they share one common bond and that is a language that other people dont speak.

Think about it, there are here in America this foreign land of big dreams and idea's and the teachers, government and neighbors speak differently, so how exciting is it to run into someone who speaks like you, it is great, that is why communities in Chinatown, to Indian Squares to Polish to Russian communities just come together, but what is different for the Latino standpoint is that even though the people are of different origins the language is the same.

So the Reggaeton and Spaninsh Hip Hop is not going anywhere and it will get bigger everytime someone from DR, PR, COSTA RICA, MEXICO, BELIZE, HONDURAS, NICARAGU, PANAMA, and the other 27 spanish speaking countries come to this country....Plus it is a youth thing...

The people on the Panel were Anthony Ramirez who was the manager for Daddy Yankee [11 $million contract from EMI-BIG], a guy from Soulantina, a company that get gigs and venues for artist, Rayroq Acosta President from Wu Tang Lation, Popi a big wig over at BMI Latino, the guy that gets you your checks, and two ladies from The Girls Entertainment [a promotion firm that is responsible for the image of our favorite artist we see] the panel the entire industry covered actually and than the Guru of Street Marketing BUDAH was also in the building and for the producers out there cnotact me he is willing to give up a Fruity Loop library of Reggaeton beats and I have his number so holla at me...

The second panel was More hip hop, you had a publisher from Sessac, Trevor, he spoke about believing in your passion and keeping your dream, he also talked about the importance of the copywrite and publishing, also on the Panel; the Star Maker of the year according to his peers, Bryan Leech from TVT records, he spoke about the Independent Hustle and how the majors are trying to get some of that hustle. Also on the Panel was the aforementioned Bonsu Thompson of XXL Magazine and a whole host of other publications that he works on, from King to XXL Soul [when is the next issue coming] he was the catalyst I like that guy he speaks well and his analysis is good off the cuff, DJ Absolut, this guy needs a Public Speaking class he gets nevous and studders in public cause on the radio he those not, he needs to formulate his thoughts a little better as well, I knew what he was saying but a lot of people were like Huh, next on the panel was the Brother Paul and Bow Legged Lew from Full Force, these guys stay relevant for producing for Britney Spears, Nysnc, Backstreet Boys and every other pop group you could think of, just think between them and Maurice Star why is not more Blacks feeling the Boy Band Pop stuff it is evident who is creating it. Last on the panel was the Czar himself Jimmy Henchmen, I was like damn, I remember Pac talkig about this dude and every body in NY hip hop giving up the LOVE to him, to the How Can I be Down music seminar in MIAMI, that was huge, he gave me the most inspiration because I know he has been through it and came out on top, so that was great.

The Spanish Panel gave more business insigt than the other panel, but both were incredibly important for me, and I think it will help me get to my goal of being a good artist which will lead to me helping to chnage the world for the better. Ciao

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Thursday, October 06, 2005

A New Is Approaching


I am not only a client I am also the President,of Eye Style Music, Mic Lowrey, yeah… "intro"

Well people today is a good day, first because the world of journalism is starting to realize that if a big enough astank is made change can happen. Bush will not be appointing his friend to be a Supreme Court Justice, trust, well in other news,I think I am about to unviel the next realm of T.V. enterprising.

The guy that created the Blair With Project, Dan Myrick has just started a television show on the net called “The Strand of Venice” and if you act now youcan atch the pilot episode for free. Than you can subsequently watch each additional 30 minute show for 99¢, imagine that, you can’t beat it, this in itself should start a revolution with television shows.

It was announced a few days ago that the big networks, CBS, FOX, ABC, NBC, WB, UPN would consider selling there shows on-demand, but the biggest hurdle is will people pay for something that is initially free, and what happes with commercials. The answer to both of those questions are yes, people will pay to watch tv, just like they pay an extra 4.95 a month for HBO when if you have HBO you already have twelve channels of it and the show that you want to watch anytime, will come on anytime. But people still pay for on-deman, me being one.

Now if an Internet channel is created for just the sole purpose is to show shows that some of the studios passed on than, that we are talking about is the changing of televsion right before our eyes.

I for one am trying my darnest to create this channel unless someone reads this and decide to do it first themselves [You Read It Here First]….

Charles Vincent, editor of Lifestyles

Tuesday, October 04, 2005


I am currently reading a god book by Kevin Liles {Former President Def Jam, current VICE President of Warner Music-(all of Warner)} it is called Make It Happen available at ( that is Barnes and Noble, I also am getting to love the old brick and mortar Barnes because I get to read books while paying $3.00 for tea, Starbucks is officially on my Evil Empire List that is a blog entry I am working on it will be great…

Either way, he is giving a class at the Learning Annex ( I was reading his book and he stated that he actually listens to the demo’s presented to him by eager artist {his assistant listen actually-What Up Walter} and since his class in NY is Oct 20, he will be in L.A. the Monday 10/17 before and San Francisco the Tuesday 10/18 so go see him.

And now it has actually made me move my deadline up to Oct 20 for when ‘Foot Fetish’ the first single off of “intro” will have to be completed. I am going to see “In Her Shoes” ( with Cameron Diaz, it may be the inspiration for my Video, who knows…

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Monday, October 03, 2005

Deadline Approaching


I, Mic Lowrey, am saying right now that there is a deadline for when I am to have my first single in stores or posted online and I am giving myself until Nov 23, 05, to do it.

Hay is John Roberts {Chief Justice Supreme Court} Gay?, he looks it.

Bush needs to stop appointing people that have no clue on how to run the government to run the government.

Vote Independent!

Bloomberg is going to kill Ferrer in the polls on Election day.

Keyshia Cole is the sexiest and down right most talented performer in some time.

Common killed the Big Daddy Kane celebration, along with Black Thought [Solo Album-Premo beats-become legend] T.I. was good to, he really a star now. Eve and Missy was suppose to do the Salt & Pepa thing but Missy could not make it, she should have it would of been great, when is Kid and Play going to get there moment, is anybody going to build a building to place these greats in, or is VH1 just BS'n, Furious 5, Grandmaster Flash, that was brilliant, Fat Joe the respect for you just keeps growing, Salt n Pepa are incredible performers, EnVogue needs to go on tour together and stop playing, Boyz N Da Hood was an incredible movie someone needs to make the East Coast equivalent, 80's Harlem or Brooklyn or BX, Ice T is the GOD-FATHER of Gangsta Rap for real, Snoop looked good with it as well, that show was great, the BIGGIE TRIBUTE was nice, Puff should of performed though and Jadakiss and the Lox should of been out there along with Cam and Dip Set cause B.I.G meant alot to their careers and all of Bad Boy should been on that stage really.

If you have no clue what I am speaking about it is the show VH1 annually do to pay homage to Hip Hop VH1 Honors go to to download clips and the like...

Mic Lowrey "intro" in stores soon....