Thursday, October 06, 2005

A New Is Approaching


I am not only a client I am also the President,of Eye Style Music, Mic Lowrey, yeah… "intro"

Well people today is a good day, first because the world of journalism is starting to realize that if a big enough astank is made change can happen. Bush will not be appointing his friend to be a Supreme Court Justice, trust, well in other news,I think I am about to unviel the next realm of T.V. enterprising.

The guy that created the Blair With Project, Dan Myrick has just started a television show on the net called “The Strand of Venice” and if you act now youcan atch the pilot episode for free. Than you can subsequently watch each additional 30 minute show for 99¢, imagine that, you can’t beat it, this in itself should start a revolution with television shows.

It was announced a few days ago that the big networks, CBS, FOX, ABC, NBC, WB, UPN would consider selling there shows on-demand, but the biggest hurdle is will people pay for something that is initially free, and what happes with commercials. The answer to both of those questions are yes, people will pay to watch tv, just like they pay an extra 4.95 a month for HBO when if you have HBO you already have twelve channels of it and the show that you want to watch anytime, will come on anytime. But people still pay for on-deman, me being one.

Now if an Internet channel is created for just the sole purpose is to show shows that some of the studios passed on than, that we are talking about is the changing of televsion right before our eyes.

I for one am trying my darnest to create this channel unless someone reads this and decide to do it first themselves [You Read It Here First]….

Charles Vincent, editor of Lifestyles

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