Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Thanks E.A.R.S [Tonya]

I was at a conference last night for music and the explosion of Reggaeton [given by E.A.R.S.], to all the people that think this is a fad that will go away soon, realize that there are over 41 million Latinos in this country alone, you have them from everywhere and even though there traditions maybe different and they don't particular like each other [Puerto Ricans Dominicans] but they share one common bond and that is a language that other people dont speak.

Think about it, there are here in America this foreign land of big dreams and idea's and the teachers, government and neighbors speak differently, so how exciting is it to run into someone who speaks like you, it is great, that is why communities in Chinatown, to Indian Squares to Polish to Russian communities just come together, but what is different for the Latino standpoint is that even though the people are of different origins the language is the same.

So the Reggaeton and Spaninsh Hip Hop is not going anywhere and it will get bigger everytime someone from DR, PR, COSTA RICA, MEXICO, BELIZE, HONDURAS, NICARAGU, PANAMA, and the other 27 spanish speaking countries come to this country....Plus it is a youth thing...

The people on the Panel were Anthony Ramirez who was the manager for Daddy Yankee [11 $million contract from EMI-BIG], a guy from Soulantina, a company that get gigs and venues for artist, Rayroq Acosta President from Wu Tang Lation, Popi a big wig over at BMI Latino, the guy that gets you your checks, and two ladies from The Girls Entertainment [a promotion firm that is responsible for the image of our favorite artist we see] the panel the entire industry covered actually and than the Guru of Street Marketing BUDAH was also in the building and for the producers out there cnotact me he is willing to give up a Fruity Loop library of Reggaeton beats and I have his number so holla at me...

The second panel was More hip hop, you had a publisher from Sessac, Trevor, he spoke about believing in your passion and keeping your dream, he also talked about the importance of the copywrite and publishing, also on the Panel; the Star Maker of the year according to his peers, Bryan Leech from TVT records, he spoke about the Independent Hustle and how the majors are trying to get some of that hustle. Also on the Panel was the aforementioned Bonsu Thompson of XXL Magazine and a whole host of other publications that he works on, from King to XXL Soul [when is the next issue coming] he was the catalyst I like that guy he speaks well and his analysis is good off the cuff, DJ Absolut, this guy needs a Public Speaking class he gets nevous and studders in public cause on the radio he those not, he needs to formulate his thoughts a little better as well, I knew what he was saying but a lot of people were like Huh, next on the panel was the Brother Paul and Bow Legged Lew from Full Force, these guys stay relevant for producing for Britney Spears, Nysnc, Backstreet Boys and every other pop group you could think of, just think between them and Maurice Star why is not more Blacks feeling the Boy Band Pop stuff it is evident who is creating it. Last on the panel was the Czar himself Jimmy Henchmen, I was like damn, I remember Pac talkig about this dude and every body in NY hip hop giving up the LOVE to him, to the How Can I be Down music seminar in MIAMI, that was huge, he gave me the most inspiration because I know he has been through it and came out on top, so that was great.

The Spanish Panel gave more business insigt than the other panel, but both were incredibly important for me, and I think it will help me get to my goal of being a good artist which will lead to me helping to chnage the world for the better. Ciao

Mic Lowrey "intro" eye style music


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