Monday, September 26, 2005

Cause Celeb


I am writing this blog [again the first one disappeared when I pressed the back button].

I recently went to a concert with a unique perspective, the only way to get a ticket was to volunteer for four hours in different community projects [Harlem, BX, BK etc], it was put together by Chris Robinson {the video director} and Boost Mobile {good phone company-it’s a pre-paid third party Nextel carrier}.

The show was very good it started with a DJ set from DJ AM {Nicole Ritchie fiancĂ©}& Trevar Barker from Blink 182 and MTV’s ‘Meet the Barkers’, Paul Wall [#1 album in the country ‘The People’s Champ] {Special Guest Kanye West [New Album ‘Late Registration’ and GLC their song ‘Drive Slow’ appears on both Late and People’s Champ} started things off, than he was joined by Slim Thug to do their hit “Still Tippin” [Where was Mike Jones?] anyways things started real good for a hip hop show [only 45 minutes late].
Faith Evans came and did a short three song set [Album The First Lady], she really can sing, than Trevar Barker from Blink 182 and a street performer from NYC [he drums in Time Square-yeah him] they set the house blazing and was later joined by Fabolous, who went through a string of hits from his three albums [Street Dreams, Ghetto Fabolous and Real Talk] and various remixes, next came a surprise performance from the D Block a.k.a the Lox who performed very well and did songs from each solo project and nothing from the entire groups efforts ‘Money Power Respect & Were R The Streets’, Jadakiss tore it down with ‘Bye Your Side’ off Kiss of Death, than came Fat Joe [All Or Nothing] and the Terror Squad {Remy Ma, Tony Sunshine and an absent Armageddon & Prospect}Remy tore the house down [Album out soon ‘Something About Remy] and than Joe did his thing and they ended with a tribute to the one and only Big Pun.
The show with down I95 to Atlanta and Young Jeezy came out and was incredible not to mention almost half the house had on a Snow Man t-shirt outside on the line when I was coming in. He was incredible with songs from his, Thug Motivation 101, but he really got them going with ‘And than What?’ and ‘Soul Survivor’ I rally had to admit the crowd loved it they all was swaying back and forth to ‘And than What?’ doing the A-Town stomp that kid is a star.
Next and finally came T.I. and P$C click and they had a ball doing songs from T.I.’s Trap Muzik and Urban Legend as well as P$C debut album 25 to Life, they had a great time performing and the crowd had a great listening, T.I.P. closed the show with his two biggest hits, ‘Bring Em Out’ & ‘You Don’t Know Me’.

Overall the show was great and the message that if you give back you can get rewards is something that is needed to be installed in our youth today no matter who is telling them the message. More on that later….

Mic Lowrey “intro” coming soon

Thursday, September 15, 2005

This Love

Hay there Citizen's

Wow this is a crazy time to be an American. George Bush recently announced that he was responsible for the governmental f' up in the Gulf States. Wow, he actually took blame for someting, I bet the media use this to say that he in tocuh with the average American citizen. Yeah right, in touch would not to go on so many damn vacations, in tocuh would be to actually appointment people to positions where they can actually make a difference or at lest have some experience.

I kow what those this have to do with Hip Hop, everything. It is out of diversity that people are their more creative. So I aspect to hear some good music from Wayne [House Lost, Baby [House Lost], Juvienile [House Lost]. Oh FOX has a house it come on Tuesday's, LL was on the show, he is actually an OK actor. The teeth were horrible though. It is like hay if you go to jail you have to have messed up teeth.

Oh yeah This Love of mine, this week it is writing music inspired by the album Songs About Jane, Maroon 5, that great Blue Eyed Soul, somebody need to make a mixtape,

Blue Eyed Soul Vol 1 {You Heard It Here First}
  1. Lisa Stanfield

The list could go on for a while but you get the idea, now remember DJ's I want a nice mention on the mix cd and DVD component use the Dual Disc and put there Video's on there as well. eMail me if you think you can come up with the correct cover art and song titles and video's and you will win a prize [Me saying thank you].

Back to the music, look for Foot Fetish to be on look for the Mic Lowrey page.


Thursday, September 08, 2005

Fashion Cent$

Hello There people in Blogger land.

There are a lot of Blog sites coming out that help you put your stuff online, like Blubber, I truly think that Blogspot has a little comp there, I may do a second site there with my thoughts and stuff, I will post the link.

Either way this is my last opinion on this particular Blog, I want to add a Vlog to this site and a counter I wonder how I would do that, and than adding music, I want people to see the progress that I am not making doing my album.

Last night I was doing the Linear notes for my album, shot to all the record companies I will be hijacking for music since I attend to pay nothing for my samples or clear them since I will be selling independently and no one listens unless you get a hit, than you worry about royalties, until than Jack for beats my young friends.

Well I decided to have a bunch of things on my Dual Disc, Blue Ray technology CD/DVD hybrid. That is so cool to say, if anything you will be able to play my stuff on your PS3 {Can't Wait-for the XBox 360}

Anyways, ohh maybe I will add a computer game to my CD/DVD Blue Ray Dual Disc Set, damn that is a lot to say for now on I will say New CD and that will be all.

Oh yeah, Fashion, Jay Z is responsible for the upward stylings of the poe folks in the hood {Pharell dress like a damn skate board nerd-because he is a skateboard nerd} So Esquire ya Gay ass list was wrong, and not gay in the homosexual stance but in the B-Boy stance {Free Cassidy}. Hovito was the dude that said,"I don't wear a Jersey, I'm 30 Plus get me a fresh pair of Jeans {N Word} Button Up."

The stores went crazy weeks after ordering every button up shirt they could get there hands on. Galaxy even came out with Button Up's {For the un hood people, they make White T's/the big ones} Every one followed soon after, except Sean John it took them a while before they found out that Jersey's was not going to be happening, except Down South and Overseas, Down South is like over seas, they get things last, but the Internet is changing that.

Either way Jay-Z is the reason for all this Change Clothes syndrome going on in the Urban community not that damn NERD {That album was crazy-so was Snoop's} I love Pharrel though, I am jacking him for my EP (2 Songs). Andre Benjamin is another one that they all of a sudden said oh yeah is stylish, that fool was wearing Bee catcher uniforms and platinum blond wigs that ain't styling, that's Kay-razy.

Yo on a serious note, thanks for the people at customs for giving the people of New Orleans bootleg clothes taken from NY stores, so that they may have something to wear. Shout to the Looters who where stealing shoes and boots instead of water. What in the hell are you going to do with a plasma {But if you selling it on ebay holla at me first}. Either way thank you America for your undying support and thank you to the media for not for once riding W Banger's nut sack and hitting them with hard questions. CNN, ABC News, Katie Couric, Matt Lauer Diane Sawyer, Oprah, what up. Ya'll my heroe's until ya'll mess up again.

Oh yeah I love the the Post but the article that made me think about Jay with fashion was the one in which they were saying that Rocawear, Sean John and Phat Farm were doing good because they changed their course for clothes, no they are doing good because there clothes are good, simple. They said the urban lines had lost their flare because Snoop, Shady and Vokal were doing bad, that is because their clothes sucked and it was based on people liking Nelly Snoop or Em and wont very good business plans. Vokal ladies Apple Bottoms are doing good, thank you Nelly for the Ads, the best in the business.

Speaking of Ads, did you see the new Gossip mag that has the talking ad when you get to the page that is ingenious and it will be annoying for years to come. Thanks to the Ad agency that did that, imagine The Source with non-stop Benzino songs on every page. Or better yet people that put their album ads in there can put samples of their songs with the ad when you get to the page {You Heard It Here First} I am totally stealing that from MTV.

Well until my next music inspired Post Holla at me, I need a damn GUESTBOOK...