Monday, August 29, 2005

Are You Hip Hop

Here is a Question?

What is that first of all. Is it that you call woman out of their name or is the fact that you was once in jail. Those that make you hip hop or ignorant. Kanye West is the cover of Time Magazine, do you know how I felt when I saw this dude who makes music for real be on the cover of one the most prestigious magazine's ever. [There timeline of hip hop connections was all messed up] But hay at least they are trying.

What does this say about the Source or Vibe or XXL that it took Time to give this man a cover with a story that is of relevance.

I know we don't want to hear about him not being a thug or anything like that, but 2pac didn't get in trouble with the law until after he was making music. So for the President Carter [Jay Z] to make an ignorant ass statement like, I didn't think a non street cat can make it in the biz. Is just down right dumb, I could of swore he was smarter than that.

Last night MTV awards was crazy. The hip hop portion easily out did anything else. [Snoop was not the best dressed, Kanye was] Gwen with the animal print looked like a house wife from Jersey, that was not styling. Anyways the MTV looks pretty amazing. I wish BET make it possibly to do their awards anyway you want. MTV should release in the archive the past awards and see who comes up with the best all Hip Hop MTV awards and Rock and Pop, it easy and they would not have to do much except air it.

Can that count as a [You Heard It First] it should. Where was Cam'Ron and the Diplomats, they people should of had them on their giving away an award or at least introducing somebody, shew Eric Roberts was on their introducing R. Kelly and how dope was Trapped 3.5 that was hot.

I think I am going to do a rap album like that but only difference I will use my whole crew, hot got a beat for me. hit the email up.

Oh yeah if you like the side picture go to for the shirt it is like $15 dollars.

Peace in Love Mic Lowrey "intro" look out for my Mash project to and my new hip hop Ridum album, a Ridum is when you use one beat to make a bunch of songs, a la, the Reggae artist. [You Heard It Here First]

Thursday, August 25, 2005

I'm Back

What up!

Well how is the world today, I have been having a long and strange summer this year. Helping America with International affairs and bringing hip hop to the world.

Shots to John John and everybody in Germany, shots to Paul and Antwoine, Piere all five of ya'll and everyone in France. Big up to Sandrine and Ornelia in Morroco. Big up to Francesco, Nancy, Anna and everybody in Italy. Shots to Spain and Bulgaria as well. Hip hop lives internationally and I will bring it to the masses of the world, one song at a time. But truthfuly they love that damn dance music [maybe I will make an album of that as well].

Now as for my American dreams, I am here to say that even though I am a little sick, well truth is my entire lifestyle has to change, I am still going to make this Fall and Winter: LOWREY Season.

MIC LOWREY "intro" still on the way.....eye style music baby........