Thursday, August 25, 2005

I'm Back

What up!

Well how is the world today, I have been having a long and strange summer this year. Helping America with International affairs and bringing hip hop to the world.

Shots to John John and everybody in Germany, shots to Paul and Antwoine, Piere all five of ya'll and everyone in France. Big up to Sandrine and Ornelia in Morroco. Big up to Francesco, Nancy, Anna and everybody in Italy. Shots to Spain and Bulgaria as well. Hip hop lives internationally and I will bring it to the masses of the world, one song at a time. But truthfuly they love that damn dance music [maybe I will make an album of that as well].

Now as for my American dreams, I am here to say that even though I am a little sick, well truth is my entire lifestyle has to change, I am still going to make this Fall and Winter: LOWREY Season.

MIC LOWREY "intro" still on the way.....eye style music baby........

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