Thursday, September 15, 2005

This Love

Hay there Citizen's

Wow this is a crazy time to be an American. George Bush recently announced that he was responsible for the governmental f' up in the Gulf States. Wow, he actually took blame for someting, I bet the media use this to say that he in tocuh with the average American citizen. Yeah right, in touch would not to go on so many damn vacations, in tocuh would be to actually appointment people to positions where they can actually make a difference or at lest have some experience.

I kow what those this have to do with Hip Hop, everything. It is out of diversity that people are their more creative. So I aspect to hear some good music from Wayne [House Lost, Baby [House Lost], Juvienile [House Lost]. Oh FOX has a house it come on Tuesday's, LL was on the show, he is actually an OK actor. The teeth were horrible though. It is like hay if you go to jail you have to have messed up teeth.

Oh yeah This Love of mine, this week it is writing music inspired by the album Songs About Jane, Maroon 5, that great Blue Eyed Soul, somebody need to make a mixtape,

Blue Eyed Soul Vol 1 {You Heard It Here First}
  1. Lisa Stanfield

The list could go on for a while but you get the idea, now remember DJ's I want a nice mention on the mix cd and DVD component use the Dual Disc and put there Video's on there as well. eMail me if you think you can come up with the correct cover art and song titles and video's and you will win a prize [Me saying thank you].

Back to the music, look for Foot Fetish to be on look for the Mic Lowrey page.


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