Thursday, October 27, 2005

The Movement Has Begun {Part 1}

Well, my movement of sitting on my behind and not making good on promise to make music by a certain day, the deadline was pushed back again from Oct 20 which was the other night.

The reason it went from 23 of November to the 20 of October was because I was going to lecture given by Kevin Liles former President of Def Jam current VP of Warner Music.

The talk was great, he gave out the email to the guy at Asylum Records, home of the Dip Set and Swisha House and other labels that Atlantic does not want to take that much of a chance on. Asylum is like the indie label of the fold. ( HE'S HOT

He spoke on his rules for Business which would be the same for any successful manager that has garnered world wide admiration for a company that has made 100's of Millions of dollars.

He has a Blog on AOL and it is one of those audio blogs where he post things and it is great, just go to AOL and type in Kevin Liles I did not copy the link as I have not used AOL in a very long time, my brother used it cause his Broadband was acting up.

Either way the lecture was great. I met some people there that could be helpful and making sure that "intro" goes to the place that it needs to be, which is to you guys.

Walter Randolph is an inspirational soul, he left college and basically slept on the street to become an intern at the best music house for hip hop, DEF JAM, now he will be rewarded cause Liles took Walter with him over at Warner and big things will happen for him.

Which brings me to a quick crossroad, Who Moved My Cheese by Spencer Johnson is a wonderful book that if read could change your perspective on things if you want it.

I think this kid personifies that spirit of change and has inspired me to keep going and all things are going to be great.

I also met a guy that was the driver for Liles but is now the Co-Owner for the Russell Simmons Music Group, I mean that is big, I have their contact information and I will be getting in touch real soon.

I left there and went downtown to the Underground side of things for the launch of the Connex List magazine published by the WonderTwinz This book is so good and a great read, it is just something that can help any musician whether they be urban or whatever.

OC performed as well, he is a great talent still, he first hit back in like 94-95 with Times Up, "you lack the minerals and vitamins" remember that joint. Yo he made me change the way I spit. For real I was not into getting thoughts across that was totally on the money. I wanted to make people either laugh or be scared. But than listening to this guy and CL Smooth and it was like yeah Hip Hop can be lyrically great. Cause you see with Rakim, I really could not see myself being like that guy, he is just too good. Kane made me think I could do it, but again, who could put words together like him. But with OC, QTip, CL & Pete I begin to say yeah I could do this, and I am still am.

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