Friday, December 02, 2005

I am a Diabetic

Hay there America, I am a diabetic, the other day I went to the tapping of the a show that comes on CNBC every Sunday at 7:00 pm called dLIFE. The show is about people living and thriving with diabetes. I found out I had Diabetes on August 12 this year, and boy was I sad.

To an extent I am still sad, I spend most days in the house and it really is effecting my music, I went to see this show that I learned about in September called dLIFE, the show is hosted by Mother Love, Comedian J. Anthony Brown, Ms. America 99 Nicole Johnson Baker and Actor Jim Turner.

I watched the show and it inspired me somewhat, to know that there is people living with Diabetes in America and are still thriving and doing what it is that makes them happy. When I went to the tapping of the show, it was the sports show and it featured some sport stars living with Diabetes. Kendrell Simmons a linemen for the Pittsburgh Steelers, A pitcher from the Detroit Tigers and a long distance runner that runs for over 50 miles during her long distance runs.

The main thing learned from listening to these people's stories is that even though life has dealt us a blow and that we must change the way we eat, sleep and excercise. Living with Diabetes is hard but when you have it, you use control it. I got a button that says test don't guess. If I here make it to the point that I am highly visible the world will know to test and not guess, because the most important part of a diabetic life is living.

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