Thursday, February 03, 2005

What Inspired Me [Today]

The roads that we traverse as we plot the course of our lives go in many directions. Every detour that we take is like facing a major snowstorm—it could stop us for a while, but most of the time, it’s not a permanent delay. We must understand our role in sculpting our lives. The choices that we make determine the surface of the road we travel. As we make hasty decisions without giving a thought to the consequences, we omit valuable material which would make the journey a little less rocky.

You are the architect, contractor and builder of your life. If things aren’t going as planned, it might be time to redraw the blueprint. Or follow the blueprint. Even the most brilliant strategist can’t redeem slipshod execution or faulty workmanship. If you find a misplaced brick in your path, odds are that you placed it there, so stop moaning your fate and move it or mortar it, but do something. Each day presents a new opportunity to get mired in muck or marshal your talents, which you choose adds either a pothole or another layer of asphalt.

It’s nice to have traveling companions; they help us ward off the monotony of the road. But some of the people we have in tow don’t add a thing to the journey except hazards; in that case it’s better to travel solo than to risk ruin. If you’re operating on auto-pilot and have a feeling of déjà vu, you may be traveling a hamster route; circuitous lanes that lead back to where you started. Some folks are just along for the ride; they don’t want to drive, don’t care where you are going and definitely can’t help you get there; carefully extend your arm and press the eject button.

There are very few momentous events in our lives. Most of our actual living occurs between where we are and where we think we want to be. So, while you’re paving your next trail, take the time to relish the process. We can’t avoid detours and storms, but we can savor every possible step along the way despite trials. Don’t be afraid to consult a map if you lose your way. We should be encouraged by the journeys of those who came before us, for they had few resources, yet they still prevailed in their quests. The road is not easy. There are traffic jams in everyone’s life. But remember, each day you choose a road based on your own design. If you want something special to happen, you must select the right road. Peace.

Munson Steed

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