Wednesday, February 09, 2005

What I Been Up To

Okay it has been a few days since my last post so let me explain the long absence. First there will not be another long absence like this because I have installed the phone a blog option; which is going to be great, I am also trying to learn how to put an MP3 on my site and unlimited pics as well.

The MP3 will be of new music that I have recorded and the inspiration for that music. The pics will be based on my inspiration as well.

FRIDAY: I went to an industry type thing at the Time Hotel; owned by that Turban rocking former Model who owns that Hotel and Joe’s Pub and other places around time. The Time place had an incredible d├ęcor. Ed Lover from Power 105.1 FM here in NY was the host.

The promoters of the party are good friends of mind, shouts to 2K Entertainment, Key, Kendall and the whole entire crew, shouts to Rich Kid Entertainment, Rich what Up, “Good to Be A Rich Kid” in stores now {Push, Fat Boi, Spit Sincere, Buddah Bride, Young Nova}

I met a Publicist there and all that so she should be hepful.

I lost my phone and have yet to get it back and it has been a very big headache, for real, for real.

Oh Yeah here is a site where I am going to be sending my songs to be used as Ring Tones, so now you can get your favorite Mic Lowrey song as a Ring Tone

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