Friday, June 24, 2005

M. dot be him, the rest be them

What Up

This is therealest thing I ever wrote, needed to quote 2Pac on this one.

There are websites that has been helpingme accomplish thethings that I need to and I have to give love to the software engineers and programmers out there who keep this thing of ours alive. Today in the NY Daily News they mentioned that geeks are better lovers, B.S. , or maybe not,if you a lady rading hook up with one than holla at me.

Check out this website it is for the MC to post there music if they want too.

I need a new computer cause this one ain't right.

I also just started the Lowrey Lounge, it is the premeire place to be for the nice and easy things to do on the web and out on the town, so check it out.

Mic Lowrey "intro" Seven Songs of nothing but fire coming real soonlook on the Whos Next website for more info, I'll holla later...

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