Tuesday, January 10, 2006

The human brain has multiple mirror neuron systems that specialize in carrying out and understanding not just the actions of others but their intentions, the social meaning of their behavior and their emotions.
"We are exquisitely social creatures," Dr. Rizzolatti said. "Our survival depends on understanding the actions, intentions and emotions of others."
He continued, "Mirror neurons allow us to grasp the minds of others not through conceptual reasoning but through direct simulation. By feeling, not by thinking."
The discovery is shaking up numerous scientific disciplines, shifting the understanding of culture, empathy, philosophy, language, imitation, autism and psychotherapy.
Everyday experiences are also being viewed in a new light. Mirror neurons reveal how children learn, why people respond to certain types of sports, dance, music and art, why watching media violence may be harmful and why many men like pornography. Sandara Blakeslee NY Times, Science Time, January 10, 2006

What does this mean for Hip Hop you ask?
Well, some say that imitation is the highest form of flattery. Well with this study by the doctor's led by Giacomo Rizzolatti, a neuroscientist at the University of Parma, it is not just that some people feel the need to bite. It is that we all feel the need to bite. Other wise how could you explain the "it" bag for woman or Air Forces for men. We have to have them and it is not because a rapper says so or some celebutaunt is rocking it. The main reason could be found in -our mental load. The brain cavity; we do it cause we see it.

Video's are the main point here, the music that we listen and why it sounds the same. It's not that the creativity of others is bad, it is because mentally we are pre disposed to do so. Back when Rakim and Kane rules the airwaves the reason why we did not see a bevy of bitters was because the technology at the time did not allow one to do so. But now with Pro Tools (I really need a tutor) and the Internet it is very easy to mimic what 50 cent is doing the night or day that you hear it. That is the reason so many NY rappers were sounding like Hov at one point, it is a testament of his abilities that many were sounding this way.

If you listen to Mix Tapes in the New York area in 99-2003 everyone was sounding like D Block and the reason was that from listening to these freestyles and writing afterwards, the voice that is saying the rhymes back to you is not your own; because you have yet to hear your own, but you did hear D Block so it sounds okay coming from Kiss even though you wrote it.

Think About People

Mic Lowrey "intro" coming soon eye STYLE music

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