Saturday, March 04, 2006

The Launch

Hay people

Well Spring is almosty here (can't wait-a little too cold this pass week) and that means that the hip hop scene is about to heat up. Make believe beefs and all is about to pop off.

When the tempature breaks so does tempers so be prepared people

I am currently working on the Eye Style Music site so look out for that. I am also opening the eye STYLE music office's in NY, West Coast and London {Maybe} but this will take some time but I am preparing a full blitz for April the first single should be poppin by than. {Foot Fetish by Mic Lowrey) and than I am also working on my producer thing and trying to finalize the B.A. e.p. it will be call (Be A) it is going to be nuts as well. This is a spitter who will be one to watch in the near future.

I am also trying to get my Direct on and I am going to have a part in a movie {I don't have any lines} but it is a start. Shots to Elements of Hip Hop they got the dance competition coming this May and it is going to be nuts the tryout is this month March 17 I believe so if you close to NYC get at me dog.

Last but not least my thoughts on the current hip hop environment, not good, to much B.S. not enough music. These days they want to know if you have a story survived the Katrina Disaster and you may just get yourself a record deal, it helps if someone died, it is getting nuts.

I am Rap, I was born for this, Neo in the flesh, I was not created to stop the machine but to make sure things were more even with the machine and the people so that is what I intend to do. Mic Lowrey "intro" eye STYLE music, Man of Letter's coming soon...

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