Thursday, June 01, 2006

Top Ten

1. Rakim, the reason everyone thinks he is the best cause they could never imagine themselves saying what he say
2. Kool G Rap, he invited Gangsta Rap for the NY Streets and that is basically it
3. LL Cool J, he showed everyone how to love and still is he may be the greatest of all time
4. Big Daddy Kane, just cause no one can spit like him. PERIOD
5. Biz Markie, he mad funny the thing now you have careers based on what he did, Ludacris, Redman anyone

When these guys rapped in the Golden Era everyone did not think they could rap, but when the guys down below started doing it, everybody in they momma tought they could spit a hot 16, bt the truth is what? Can the top really be these guys I forgot Moe D, Caz, Mel what about Kris.

6. Biggie, Hands down, maybe the best to ever spit that "everyone included" shit
7. Jay Z, 8 summers and counting, what is a party without a Jay Z record believe me, Italy, Spain, Wherever he is the party starter
8. Nas, no one except Rakim can make a song and have you believe you cant do that
9. 2pac, his passion put him here, he could of easily been left off, but the passion is what made him, Common, Snoop, Scareface (actually this is his spot now)
10. Cam'Ron or Jadakiss, who those more people rap like now, Cam' circa SDE or Jadakiss circa Kiss of Death I dont know but it is very close, check out the mixtape DVD's and you tell me

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